Saturday, August 14, 2010

Guest star change now confirmed

Since the first choice of guest star for the dreaded/adored storyline has fallen through, they've already made a replacement. Read about it at TV Guide and find out a little more of what you can expect on this episode.


chillip said...

well i try to stay away from the spoilers but the whole jersey angle is so very interesting given what we know from the backstory so far and the genesis of the brennan/booth relationship. verrrry iiinteresting (arte johnson voice).

andrea Diaz said...

I think the ep will definitely be better with a real actor, Antonio Sabato Jr. portraying the "guido" role. I was always looking forward to the Jersey Shore inspired episode, even though I've never seen the show. I thought it was a good idea. Bones often borrows from movies/shows. Remember The Headless Witch in the Woods from season 2-inspired by Blair witch Project. Double Death of the Dearly Departed from season 4-inspired by A Weekend at Bernies, Also the Vegas ep- The Woman in the Sand from season 2-inspired by the Rat Pack Vegas mobster movies and there are others. I think this will be a very well done and humorous ep. I can't wait to see Brennan try some of the lingo on the locals-it's sure to be classic!

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