Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Hart Hanson Interview from Comic-Con

This is a couple days old, but I know a lot of you like to see what you can while remaining spoiler free. Since Hart Hanson prefers not to reveal spoilers, this is a fairly safe interview.

At 2:05, he reveals a few spoilers regarding whether or not we'll see any of Maluku or Afghanistan and how they film certain settings.
That moves right into 3:17: talk about casting spoilers.
By about 4:20, he's finished with spoilers and wraps up the interview talking about how long he'd like to see the show run as well as answering the age-old question of when/if he wants to see Booth and Brennan get together.

Please keep comments on this post spoiler-free!


Anonymous said...

Did I hear him right at the end? he won't put them together at the very last episode, but before ???

katiabreu said...
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katiabreu said...

That's exactly what he said in all the interviews he gave. CONFIRMS THREE TIMES THIRTY MILLION TIMES, where past and I have people who do not want to believe.

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