Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Potential storyline

We have another scoop from Michael Ausiello that involves a potential storyline and casting spoiler for an October episode.

What do you think? Good idea? Bad idea? Hilarious potential?


bones2592 said...

here's a link to another view of season 6 with interviews with both emily and david!! spoiler alert


Anonymous said...

Bad idea. I want the old Bones back.

Trish said...

I guess all shows need other show crossovers for ratings. But aren’t there other, better shows to choose from? I know these reality shows are big now, and of course, I will watch it, but Ewwww!!. The writers will need to be on their A+++ game for this one….

Suhara said...

What on earth could posses HH to have "The Situation" on Bones! Big mistake! I will nevertheless be entirely faithful to my favourite TV show in the entire world but I agree with @Trish, the writers will need a marvelous script to pull this off!

Anonymous said...

seems to me via the situation that this is just yet another example of the people who write and star in bones having really lovable senses of humour

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