Friday, August 6, 2010

Returning shows poll

Spoiler TV has posted a poll. Which returning show are you most looking forward to? Hop over there to cast your vote! Fox shows are currently in the lead, but Bones is a bit behind. Let's bring it up the list!


Wendy said...

Deleted previous comment (chulita) for spoilers. Please remember to keep non-spoiler posts spoiler-free!!

Non-spoiler part of the comment:

I am not surprised Bones is a little bit behind. (spoiler removed)
Final episode gave us a hope that after all this endless time they will be together at last.
I was really waiting for that and then a full season 6 plenty of romantic and funny situations with B&B as a couple at last.
As it is always more of the same I am bored enough not to expect the return of Bones

Anonymous said...

Wow!! Pretty bad when even the administrator of this great blog is starting to get disgusted!!!

chulita said...

You deleted part of my comment because of a spoiler part. But how can it be a spoiler if it in every web page related to Bones.
To ignore it you must leave in a cave !!!!!!
I agree with you Anonymus

Nate said...

Some people wish to remain spoiler free, and so we don't read everything that comes out about the show!

After I cast my vote, I'll go back and leave in my cave!

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