Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Season 6 Promo Photos



Anonymous said...

I like all of them here except Sweets, he looks weird a bit (i mean his grin)

Deborah said...

I really like them, although I agree that Sweets looks a little weird.
Where can I find a Booth?! And I don't mean DB, I mean the fictional character Booth... I need one right now!
Both DB and ED look amazing here!

monica said...

I love Emily's coat!

Anonymous said...

the first picture is so cute... love it. they look amazing! i've always been a bit annoyed with what they've done with emily's hair in the past, but i really really really really LOVE the new direction they're going in, looks great on her. david is smokin'

sweets looks... odd. he's adorable, and i love JFD, don't get me wrong, just.. odd.

Suhara said...

Awesome!! Emily's hair looks much better than in the previous promo pic! David looks his usual smokin' self!!! Em looks gorgeous in whatever she wears so that's a given! Emily's coat is very cute! Tamara and Michaela look lovely and TJ looks very dreamy!! soooo excited!!! :)

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