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Today's Chatter Post - August 20, 2010

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There have been many lively discussions about this topic, because we all LOVE Bones so much! So today's question is:

Why do you watch Bones?

Is it the witty banter? Is it the romantic storyline? Do you love the science? Do you simply watch every forensics show available? Do you find TJ Thyne utterly dreamy?

Let's chat!


Anonymous said...

I think I watch bones for a number of reasons first Booth is just so hot, second its a programme that you can actually think about without always figuring out who done it in the first three minutes the chemistry between the characters is amazing and that makes good television plus they have made science sexy for the first time ever its usually protrayed as something only geeks do and that is not always the case.

PharaohHound said...

My main reasons:

*The forensics. To give you some perspective, when I was ten my dad gave me, his sweet little girl, a muskrat skull he found on the road - and I was over the moon. Fascinated! Hooked for life. My bone collection now includes many miscellaneous animal bones. I love bones (not referring the show, or the character, though I love them too), and this show delivers when I can't get my hands on a dead animal. :P Yes, I was definitely not your average ten-year-old girl.

*Bones (this time I do mean the character). The first episode I ever saw was "Baby in the Bough", and I remember thinking "this woman can't be for real!". Then as I watched the show more, I began to see some of myself in Brennan, I certainly share her cluelessness about pop culture (I'm not quite as bad as she is!)

*The humour. This show's funny, and unlike most procidurals, it doesn't take itself too seriously.

*The romance. I am the doomed shipper. I pick the worst ships on the planet, no lie. "House", House/Cameron. "Star Trek: Voyager", Doctor/Seven, Janeway/Chakotay. "Doctor Who", Doctor/Rose (and don't give me any nonsense about 10.5, I hate that storyline). You get the idea. I have never actually had a ship that went where I wanted it to, until I started watching Bones. Suddenly everyone (including TPTB, despite recent evidence to the contrary) was rooting for the same ships I was!

*And finally, TJ Thyne is indeed dreamy, I love geeky guys.

jls_3887 said...
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jls_3887 said...

I think I watch it because of the relationship between all the characters. I started watching it this past season and I'm attempting to catch up on TNT and Netflix. Working my way backwards through the seasons lets me see how much the characters have changed and how this has effected their relationships--I think it's fascinating and believable.

Anonymous said...

For the B & B relationship...everything else is just icing...yummy icing.

Stephanie said...

Because TJ Thyne is utterly dreamy. I have always been a Hodgins girl. :)

Mainly, I find Bones to be a nice balance of comedy and drama, as well as a nice balance of personal and professional. Most shows seem to be one or the other (either a family/friends show or a workplace show.) There's not now, nor has there ever been, a main character on Bones that I really dislike, and I think that's also something that's rare to find. Also, I had no idea what forensic anthropology was before I watched Bones, and it's completely fascinating.

Brennan is another big reason I watch the show. I relate to her a lot. After seeing only about 7 episodes of Bones, I started saying that she was the slightly exaggerated, pop-culturally challenged version of me. I just love her, and Emily plays her brilliantly.

Anonymous said...

First I started watching because I liked the bickering, smart dialogue, intense moments, great actors, THEN after 4 seasons I tought BB really must get together. Before that I was all Jack/Angela, I was like totally said when they broke up, they ruined my day.
And it's not like it is easy for me to watch it, I mean it could be worse but you guy in Amarica should consider yourselves so lucky about that. You have your TV show before bed time, I need to wake up and download it and then GO to work and come home all needy and must watch it like NOW, and then I wait for torrent to extract and it only takes one minute but it takes hours in my opinion. It's just that one thing I don't get the comercials. On topic again....
Now I like it because they are funny, unique with this Bones character (or at least first who started it), still have a great dialogue (4x25 whoa) and because of the obvious. Even if I want them to get together as quickly as possible there is a part of me that wants more episodes because they are so good at it, I mean there is no telling it will end when they get together. But I KNOW I'll watch these episodes many more times when the series is over too and for now - the best ones to me are those where they are inches apart, and that flirty look of Booths and clueless Brennan.... priceless......

Ah, stop dreaming, go back to sleep.....

EU girl

Anonymous said...

I've been Watching Bones since it started. I basically fell in love with the characters, All of them. They have great chemistry and yes, I love the way Emily and David are together, they just mesh well. I like that the show doesn't take everything sooo serious. It's really funny, I love TJ and Angela. I also love the storyline and how Bones needs to Trust Booth and let him take care of her. It's good therapy, I love this show!!!! I tell everyone to watch :) I like forensic shows but after I started watching Bones I never went back to the others cause I found them to be borring, very very boring!!I'll love Bones4Eva!

Anonymous said...

i started watching because my mother and i both read the books and when we realized there was a TV show based on them, we figured we'd give it a try. after about three episodes mother enjoyed and i obsessed. there has never been another lead female like Brennan and Emily is *so* amazing, funny and talented i can't look away. the banter is intelligent which is tough to find on american TV shows and i'm a sucker for UST.

monica said...

I really like that Bones brings a ton of science to the table. I've always liked criminal dramas but they always seem to be too predictable when they bring a personal element to them. It's rare that I'm able to predict the outcome of Bones and I appreciate that while we aren't all cops and scientists, we can somehow relate to the characters and what they are going through.

Pwee said...

What's not to like about that show ? It's great !!! They make us laugh and they make us cry (sometimes in the same episode), by watching, we learn scientific facts, they are funny, good looking, the actors have amazing dialogues. What's not to like ?

The first episode I saw was "Aliens in the Spaceship" where Brennan and Hodgins were buried. Easy to be hooked after seeing that.

I love Bones because it's great, there's laughter, romance and science, what more could we ask for???

Anonymous said...

It's a good show and Emily Deschanel is simply the most beautiful woman on TV.

Suhara said...

If I were to list all the reasons I watch Bones then I'd be here until Booth and Brennan got together, so I'll just make it short!

1. The actors
I love all the actors and Bones esp Emily and David. Emily I think is n incredible actress who brings emotion and variety to the show. I also think she is the most beautiful woman on television! I love David because of his laid-back, funny and aloof personality! Also credit to Tamara, Michaela, TJ (very dreamy!), John and Eric.

2. Hart Hanson and Stephen Nathan
Hart and Stephen....need I say more! I love their cryptic spoilers and their tweets always make me laugh!

3. The stars' on and off screen relationship
I love the witty banter between B&B as much as I love how Emily and David tease each other and get along. Of course the spark between B&B I think is quite unlike any other TV show. They are so in love that they won't gt together to protect each other! I mean how much more in love can you get!

4. The humour
I love the sometimes hard to understand humour of Bones and how Brennan takes everything very scientifically and has no understanding about pop culture references (hence "I don't know what that)! I also love scenes where B&B discuss religion!!!

5. The guest actors
I think Bones selects the very best guest actors. Having Zooey Deschanel as Margaret and Stephen Fry as Gordon Gordon was genius and having the likes of Cyndi Lauper, Billy Gibbons, Freddy Krueger, Ty Panitz, Brendon Fehr was great to. (Thank god the episode with a certain reality star didn't work out!) I also love the whole squintern thing that's going on, although I firmly believe nobody can replace Zack!

So in a nutshell those r the main reasons I love Bones soo much, the cast and crew r amazing, the romance (duh!), the humour, the guest stars and the quality of the written script. Hats off to Bones!

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