Thursday, August 5, 2010

Will They or Won't They? according to FOX

FOX has put out a gallery of Booth and Brennan photos that claims to give evidence supporting the likelihood of a big romance.

We've all wondered if the obvious romantic spark between Booth and Brennan would ever burst into a full romantic blaze. Check out the following evidence that suggests that it could.
We at Obsessed With Bones want to know how many mistakes you can find in this photo gallery. Have fun!


Kamara said...

I believe I only found 2 mistakes in the gallery.

1) The second caption states that Brennan's new book resembles her relationship with Booth in real life but technically, it doesn't for well, the sexual aspect that they imply with 'relationship'. That's how I interpreted it anyway.

2) Santa in the slush, the caption says that B&B were dared to kiss in return for help on the case. Pretty sure the Caroline wanted them to kiss in return for the use of a trailer so Bones' Dad could have the family together for Christmas.

Mindy said...

Good eyes!

Yssel said...

The photo at the funeral home says Booth tells Brennan to look sad at funerals (implying the episode in season 4). But the photo is from season 1 episode graft in the girl.

Yssel said...

Also, photo at the museum for the mummy, it says Brennan does not invite her boyfriend. But Hacker has never been her boyfriend, they just went out on a couple of dates.

Mindy said...

Yep, yep! You guys are good.

cathmarchr said...

The photos are lovely reminders of some of the more romantic moments between B&B, but I'm not sure they really consitute evidence that B&B will become a couple.

Personally, I think the evidence of impending coupledom is in the S5 references to the coma dream. The three-piece suit, Vaziri losing his accent, Angela's "Awkward, awkward, awkward!" and -- most significantly -- the flashing clock and Tower of Wings appearance in Beginning in the End. All of those details suggest that the dream, in which B&B are together, is increasingly bleeding over into reality.

Here's hoping, anyway!!

Crazyboutyou said...

I love love Bones but after hearing what David B (Booth) did to his wife (cheated) I can't look at him the same!!!

Anonymous said...

@crazyboutyou, Look what he did was wrong, but there had to be a reason. People just don't cheat for no reason. We don't anything about their personal life.

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