Thursday, September 23, 2010

Happy Season 6 Bonesday! (a first, and a last)

Bones Season 6 returns tonight! I hope everyone enjoys it, and Season 6 becomes a fan favorite.

Unfortunately, the beginning of the new season also marks the end of OWB.

It's been a great 2+ years and I have made some amazing friends (Jeannie, Jamie, Lindsey, Mindy...just to name a few) but it is over for me. And for OWB.

A lot has changed over the last two years in the Bones fan community, and some things haven't changed. 206 Bones still goes strong, and the Bones Spoilers Blog is a Season 5 newcomer powerhouse. The ABY is still there, as is Searching Bones. Some things change, and some things come anew.

And some must go.

For those who don't care about the motivations I will lay out the gist now so you can stop reading: there will be no more posts here, though the archive of posts and reviews will remain indefinitely, and commenting will remain open for the time being.

For the motivations....

Some of it's been building for awhile - life is incredibly busy. I have a 16 mo old little boy who I love and want to spend time with. I have a husband of almost 5 years who I love and want to spend time with. I have a job that is fulfilling in many ways but it is incredibly demanding (some days I work from 5 am to 9+pm with only short family/food breaks). I don't have a social life and I struggle to keep up with email.

There's just not time for OWB. It was my baby for nearly 2 years, and I supported it in the background for the last few months.

My helpers have their own varyingly busy lives as well and the time is right to just call it done.

Remembering the passion I had for Bones when I started this show, I can say that if I still had the same love for it I would find a way to keep OWB going. But I don't have that passion any longer. Hart Hanson has spoken of keeping the tension tight for fans, that it is the only reason we watch.

My tension wire snapped last season and I don't care to put it back together.

I'm tired of the direction of the show. I'm tired of the argument that you have to keep throwing up roadblocks to keep fans interested. (I can think of 2 other shows in my own favorites currently laughing at that argument.) I'm tired of the rotating interns and miss Zack. I'm tired of so many things. It's just not the show I fell in love with. I feel like it's trying to become a smarter, more grown-up show (read: typical) instead of the lovable geekfest it was before.

I simply stopped looking forward to the show and at best it's become DVR'able. I can no longer call it life-stoppable.

I can't head a blog that is devoted to obsessing about Bones when I no longer have the obsession.

I could go on and on and on and on and on. But that's not why you visit this blog and I have a lovely little boy who wants his breakfast. I'm not here to say "Bones is awful, boycott it" or anything of the sort. It's not awful, but I just don't find it great anymore and I'm going to step away.

If you still love it, then LOVE IT! I totally support all passion for the show and would never want to get in the way of that in any way.

I have really enjoyed the community that built up around this blog - seeing regular posters, getting email tips, seeing fan blogs pop up in other languages... it's been wonderful and I hope that continues to grow.

I also have hopes for the future, that in a few weeks or a few months that I will fall back in love with the show. I hope it will be great again for me and for anyone out there who feels the same.

Enjoy Bones Season 6!

And 7, 8, 9, and 10 as well, right? :)


Stephascope15 said...

will you watch bones still?

Wendy said...

Good question. My current plan is to save up a few weeks at a time and watch them together.

Linette Torrefranca said...

I've been on the fence this whole time. I consider it to be my domestic violent relationship I keep coming back to. Thanks for the work. You were on my top faves I'd open daily. There's always House they got together!

Wendy said...

I do love some House :)

But it's not just BB - it's the whole package that has left me dissatisfied and tired.

Vorpaks said...

I will miss this blog very much! I look forward to logging on every morning to see what you have to say -- it has been really wonderful.

But, that being said, I understand the demands of work and little ones and I hope you enjoy the extra time with your family. :)

Thank you so much for providing this blog for as long as you did! We very much appreciate it!


Trish said...

I will miss this site. It was the best one I found over the past couple years. But I totally agree with your assessment.

I read all the end of last season spoilers and found that many of them were misleading and I am sure many of what we see for this season are not true. But I am sure that HH is again playing with our minds and you are right. I saw Castle the other night and think that there may be other shows I am missing in the little time I allot myself for television.

So I may be doing what you are doing and saving up my time for telvision and watching my shows via my computer.

I just can't take the "will they, won't they" any more. As I posted many times last season, there is a way to work together, but obviously not on this show. So sad that they will lose so many viewers because of this wishy-washy stand they have taken and now are putting themselves out of a show that was so good for so long.

Thanks for your hard work Wendy and enjoy spending time with your son. They grow up fast. You can be proud of the work you did on Bones. Dr. Brennan would be proud, confused, but proud.

Kamara said...

I'm definitely going to miss this site! It's been part of my daily routine for the last 2 or so years and I'm sure it's going to be hard to find another blog as good as this one!

I understand completely though and I'm finding that at the moment it's sort of hard to stay interested. Don't get me wrong - I love Bones - it's just getting well, boring.

Thanks so much for the last 2 years! You'll be missed!

Suhara said...

Wendy, I think I speak for alot of Bones and OWB fans here when I say a huge THANK YOU! Being able to keep this blog running is an amazing thing, and for two whole years! I will really miss OWB, it's been my homepage for as long as I can remember! I can't say that I agree with your analysis, but respect it nonetheless. I hope you will rediscover your love for Bones and hope you have a great time with your son. You have done Bones, Bones fans, HH, DB, Ed and the whole crew proud! Once again, THANK YOU WENDY!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this site. I always appreciated that the people who came here were so civil and could disagree in a manner that was interesting and informing. I always thought that had a lot to do with you.
I also understand your motivations and feel much the same way as you regarding the direction of the show. I have decided to take a break until after Christmas and see if I can look forward to the journey again. Rose

Vanessa said...

Hello Wendy! =)

I start with "thank you"! I found this blog about a year ago. It was last summer that I started to follow the news about my favourite TV shows online. OWB and a couple of other blogs changed the way I watch television and I have to say that this is the first blog/site I go to everyday! It's definitely a part of my routine and I will miss it. Here I found almost everything there is to know about Bones and the cast and in a classy way.

I was very surprised reading this final post and sad too, but I uderstand and respect your reasons. Bones is my favourite show and I will still watch it, hoping this is the season B&B get together, even though that is not the only reason I like it.

That said, I wish you all the best and thank you again for OWB. =)

Ales2004 said...

I understand how you feel, and the passion for the show that is not there anymore. It's the same for me.
And because I also have small kids, I also get how tough it is to juggle everything.
I am also planning NOT to watch for the moment, just not interested in this story arc. Maybe when I hear that the show I loved is back, then my passion maybe will blossom again.

Thank you, thank you really for this wonderful blog and all the incredible reviews.

All the best.

Emily said...

Aww, I am so sorry to see OWB go, and even though I understand your reasons completely, I will miss it so very much! A massive, huge, gigantic THANK YOU to you, Wendy, for such an incredible blog. OWB was the first Bones-related website I ever knew, and it introduced me to the wonderful world of Bones fans. I am so, so grateful for everything you've done here! It's been a privilege. Thank you so much. <3

Kate said...

I too will mourn the lost of Obsessed With Bones, but the timing is right. You should spend your (tragically little) precious free time on things that make you genuinely happy.

The internet will wait. :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Wendy,

I have enjoyed your posts and support of Bones over a year now. I was an obsessed with Bones and this blog, but just like you I have moved on. For anyone else who is looking for a substitute, I can name a few of my new obsessions. Take a look at The Glades (for great chemistry between leads), NCIS (same forensic with lovable team and a little bit of sexual tension), Castle (for romance), and last but not least Hawaii 5-0 (for the most handsome guy on the TV).

Enjoy your life and thanks for the memory,

Deborah said...

Thank you so much for all the effort you put into this blog. I discovered it about a year ago, at the same time I discovered Bones. It was already in it's fifth season and I had to catch up watching the DVDs of the earlier seasons. I'm still obsessed with Bones. I now that the quality and substance of the episodes and characters have changed, but I didn't have to wait 5 years like all the rest of the other fans to get to this point. I guess that's why I'm not giving up on them yet.

I'm from Guatemala, and I only have one person I know of that also watches Bones, so I like to go online to see the opinions of others. Anyway, I always enjoyed your blog very much. It has been my homepage for a long time now. I will miss it very much, but I hope you will now get to spend more time with your family.

I'll miss your blog so much! Thanks for everything!

Wendy said...

Thank you for all the wonderful comments, here and via email :) They are much appreciated!

Dee-Em said...

Hi Wendy,
THANK YOU for a truly fabulous blog. I'm sorry you won't be continuing, but I can totally identify with your reasons for calling a halt--I'm not all that excited about Season 6 either, especially after re-watching Seasons 1&2. The characters are just not that much fun or interesting anymore. Maybe they are getting tired of playing themselves after 5 seasons?

But many, many thanks for the wonderful reviews from you and your guest reviewers, and for all the time and energy and love you put into this blog. Enjoy your time with your family!

Anonymous said...

Wendy, I really admire you for all the energy it must have taken over the last two years to keep this blog going, especially with a little one in the midst of it. I am one of those rare people whose love for Bones has grown over the last two years, and I don't miss Zack at all, but I am also resigned to watching Bones as the show about a couple who almost got together. I have enjoyed checking in on OWB and wish you all the best.

Pia said...

Hey Wendy,

I would like to thank you for all the work you put into this blog, it was my favourite (and only) one because it wasn't just a link-list about bones, you made it personal, like it is for me(hope you understand what i mean).
This was the site i opened eaach day and because of you, i now really love the show, so you brought a lot of joy to me :)
Also a big thank to all the persons who helped you,
I wish you all the best, for you and your families,

Greetings from Germany, Pia.

Jeannie said...

I knew this was coming and I'm still a bit sad to see OWB go, for all the reason everybody has already named. I love the community that has built here and I enjoyed our respectful discussions and all the Bones-love we shared.
However, it's time to move on. I feel the same way as Wendy about the show right now, but I'm open to returning to it once I feel the story lines are more focused on actually developing a story instead of being motivated by ratings and/or the desire to make it as mainstream as possible in order to attract a lot of different viewers.Just my opinion, of course. Once 'Bones' can wow me again, I'll be back, baby! ;-)

I'm especially grateful for all the friends I met through OWB, and for knowing that we'll still be friends.
Thank you Wendy, for giving us all a place to share our love for Bones, and for all the hard work you've put into this site, and thanks for letting us be a part of OWB.

Thanks everybody! It' been fun.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for every thing! It's been a pleasure!
I came evry day to read the comments and i loved this community!
I understand and respect your reasons, just feel sad that there is so much people sharing these feelings!!!! I've had doubts during the summer (with this season finale and the spoilers...), yet i've come to a conclusion: i'm too much obsessed with bones! I chose to enjoy the journey and trust hart hanson and the actors (especially ED). Hope i wont be deceived...
Again thank you for all your work, and enjoy your life!
And hope you're right for season 7,8,9 and 10!!!!
Julie, from France

Anonymous said...

I was very sad to read that there will be no more OWB I have to say that I totally agree with Wendy and what many others have said in reply to this post I too am losing my obsession wi4th Bones. I've just found out tht Bones will probably not be on Sky until January 2011 and although I'm sad maybe its a good thing although this is my only regular blog so whether I will know if it gets better I don't know. The spoiler clips really havent helped get us excited have they! So thanks so much Wendy and all the others 4that have put so much effort into this site I have enjoyed visiting it almost dailey the last 18 months or so Kaz xxx

Candre said...

I will miss it so much! I, as others, have grown tired of the show. And I completely agree with everything you said, Wendy. But I still visited OWB almost every day. I do not plan to see this season, but I still opened the page to visit this community and read about what you all had to say. I will miss the blog and everyone that came here. Thanks, Wendy. And thanks to anyone that helped. Greeting and love from Venezuela.

rindeast said...

Thanks so much for fulfilling my anxiety because Bones is not currently runs in Indonesia (only on cable TV).
I hope you have a great time with your family.

Salam ...

Cheryl said...

Wendy? You did a GREAT job:) This was my first ever Bones home & I loved it like kids love candy. I wish u every blessing in all ur future endeavours. I'm always a little sad when ppl leave Show but I respect ur right so to do. Thx again to u & to those who were helping u. OWB? Meant a lot. *hugs*

Courtney said...

I'm with you all the way. I came in here tonight basically out of habit after watching tonight's episode which simply left me cold - I can't think of one moment where I felt anything at all nor did I hear one witty, smart, clever line of dialogue.

So, I am stepping away from the show altogether which I suspected I would probably do after the way I felt about last season.

Someday I will be in the mood to revisit the first three marvelously written seasons. Nothing lasts forever.

Good luck and thanks for providing a place for those of us who did once love the show and for those who still love it.

kjean said...

Yes, thank you Wendy! I will miss the community built through your blog. I will miss obsessing about Bones too. Sadly that ended with last season, and yet I still came to your blog to hear from other fans of the show. All good things come to an end at some point. Enjoy your time with your family!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Wendy for all your hard work and dedication. As for the opinion that the show is no longer worthy of our time as viewers and fans, I hear you sister! I mean - don't even bother watching tonight's season premiere. Zzzzzzzzzz. The show is tired and so am I. If you haven't checked it out yet, watch Undercovers on NBC (Wednesdays, 10 pm). It shows Hart and his sorry excuse for a writing team that a show about a gorgeous couple in love (married, no less!) who happen to work side by side in an action-packed, dangerous field (espionage!) can be hot and make for some amazing appointment TV.

Anonymous said...

Wendy, this is the only fan site I have ever stuck with, and I will miss it so much. It felt like a real community and I always looked forward to see what everybody thought about each episode. Thank you so very much for all your work on the site - we all really appreciated it!

I think you have definitely made the right decision for your situation and I hope you enjoy every extra moment with your family!

I am still hooked on BONES though I was not too thrilled with the premiere. I tried so hard to avoid spoilers all summer (you were so great about that) only to have the teasers on TV spill the two major plot points in tonight's episode. If I didn't know that Booth had fallen in love with someone else and that Jack & Angela were going to have a baby, I would have enjoyed the episode so much more because I would have been surprised!

Thanks again! You rule!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all you've done. I'm sad to see it end, but I've gotta say I understand you on two accounts:
1. As another mother of young ones, I say enjoy them while you can...they grow all too quickly.
2. I hear you and agree 200% (I know Brennan would tell me that's not possible) about the direction the show has taken. I'm gonna have to sit out several episodes this season just to keep my sanity on the B&B thing. If I still enjoyed the cases, I might be tempted to keep watching, but that's sadly not true anymore. It almost depresses me to watch old episodes and see how good the show used to be. Here's hoping it can find itself again. If so, I'll be back.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Wendy for your efforts and I wish you the best of luck

Eli said...

Sorry the hear that your obsession of Bones is over. This site is the first site I found, read and post when I first obsessed about Bones, so it will be sad as my obsession still strong. And I really love the way you wrote your review. And I enjoyed some of the review from the guests.

I'm glad that I'm not the one who watch the show because of the lead characters. I prefer both of them have their own partner. Brennan with some hot scientist and Booth with someone that not scientist. IMO all the show will be using the same format, they will not allow the leads to be together earlier in the season unless they plan to not renew the contract/season.

Good luck to you.

New Zealand Bones fan said...

Sad, i still love the show so bones daily fan site it is from now on looks really good check it out to fill the hole owb left :(

Thanks for all your hard work loved coming here :)

Anonymous said...

I agree with your comments about the show changing, it really isn't the show it used to be and I can completely see how you have lost interest in it because I have as well.

All the best for the future :)

Mayflower said...

I totally understand your decision. I have the same feeling. In the past, I really was obsessed with Bones and would stay up (I live in Belgium), to watch the premiere of a Bones episode. But now, I don't even want to watch it anymore, I'm simply going to wait until the dvd comes out. Bones just has lost his spark, and keeping Bones and Booth apart really ruins the show, instead of enhancing the show.
I just wanted you to wish a nice life and I understand your decision completely :) x

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for OWB =) I live in South Africa and they don't show Bones here so OWB really helped me get through the wait between the seasons... I am still totally obsessed with bones and i don't think i will ever give up on Bones because i love it so much!! I understand that Bones has gotten boring but maybe it will pick up again! I really hope that Bones hasn't lost too many viewers because i would absolutely hate to see it get cancelled :( Anyway i just would really like to thank you for such an awesome blog and i will really miss the whole community :) I hope you regain your faith in Bones ...

liz said...

thank you thank Wendy - you created something fantastic here - for other geek-mance-action folks like myself. in a sense, i was relieved to read your message, as i've been feeling the same way. 3 weeks ago i deleted my 'shortcut'icon to OWB from my desktop, altho'i still checked in on it... then tonight, DVR'd the premiere, watched it with some background distractions and didn't even mind the commercial breaks. no killer-lines. nothing truly killer-looks. actually the best energy is coming from Hodgins and Angela, together and separately. But I also am walking away toward better things. You continue to inspire me! I never before followed a blog or joined a web community.

Devon Sanders said...

WENDY, Thank you Thank you Thank you!!! I just can't imagine how hard it must have been to maintain this wonderful blog with everything else going on in your life and yet you did it with CLASS and DIGNITY. If last night's show was any indicator, it is quite obvious that this going to be a bad season for true Bones fans. BLAH!!! The thing that is sad to me is that the TPTB are RUINING the once in a lifetime pairing of these absolutely gorgeous co-stars and their love story. Once again THANKS AND WISHING YOU AND FAMILY BEST OF LUCK!!!

Pwee said...

That is so sad !!! What a shock to read your post !
I haven't seen the season premiere yet (I live in France and I was planning a quiet evening to watch it tonight) but I thought I would have a look at OWB to see people's reactions and I saw your post ... That is so sad ! OWB was one of the first websites I opened whenever I was on a computer (mine or anybody else's !) and I won't be able to do that anymore .... arghhhhhhhhhhh so sad really, it's like seeing a friend go !

As many others before me, I would like to thank you for the great work you (and others) did on the site. It was REALLY, REALLY amazing: full of information, nicely done, enjoyable, in a word ... GREAT !!! So from the bottom of my heart : merci, Merci, MERCI !!!

Bones is the first show I've loved to the point of following a blog about it, so finding a replacement for OWB will be pretty difficult (do I hear IMPOSSIBLE???)
Plus, thanks to you, I'm totally spoiler free and I don't know if that will be possible with other blogs.
Being spoiler free, I hope that I'll enjoy the show more and that they'll move forward and not backward. The future will tell.

I'll dearly miss this blog, but I wish you'll enjoy the free time you'll get by not working on it.

Thank you again ^_^

A bientot !

Peter said...

Yes, we're all entitled to our opinions. HH & SN are still the BEST storytellers, and this is a story. A story THEY are telling us. The partnership between B&B is one that you don't find too often in real life - professionalism, honesty, and willingness to die for your partner.

So, I am disappointed that OWB won't be updated, but am I listening to the story, and where it takes us. In the meantime, I am enjoying rare performances by very talented team.

da_Liza said...

Thanks so much for all the work you have done over the years! This blog has been one of my favorites.

Anonymous said...

season premier was horrible, hope they get there act together quick or ratings are going to go down, if the rest of this season is anything like the premier, i hate to say it but i think we will be looking at the final season of bones...

K said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
K said...

Wendy, thank you for all your work! When I was OWB this site was my absolute favorite way (besides in front of an episode) to indulge my obsession, but I, too, am no longer obsessed. I hope that HH, SN, and all TPTB read your heartfelt resignation and finally wake up to the fact that they've taken the life out of what was once a truly special show.

There were glimmers of early Bones last season so I believe that if they made the choice they could bring it back -- but until I hear that they have done, regardless of what happens with BB, I'm not going to watch. It's too sad, like spending time with an old lover long after knowing it's over but still desperately trying to find some leftover spark.

gilly8 said...

Hi, I'm a bit out off topic. I have a question regarding a term used in the episode 6x01. I'm not a native english speaker and I need some help with translating one sentence (I am working on the Czech subtitles). When Hodgins says that "Fisher checked into a clinic with a case of The Hopeless Vapors." - what does that really mean? How would you say hopeless vapors in more understandable words? Thanks for help.

Anonymous said...

Im sorry to hear that you won't be posting anymore. I loved this site. You did a wonderful job with it. I have to say I agree with you though. The show is not what it used to be for me either. I've been very dissapointed with the quality of the storylines lately. I'm all for the B&B relationship, but I don't like the storylines taking a back seat to it. It's got to the point that I don't really care about the case at all. I've seen shows like House manage to have both an interesting case, as well as interesting character relationships, so I'm not sure why Bones hasn't managed to do it. I'm also going to save up a few eps to watch at once. Hopefully it'll get back on track and I'll start to love the show once again.

Kyra said...

I too am no longer obsessed. With the way things stand now I'll be surprised if there is another season.

Anonymous said...

MANY THANKS for all your hard work, Wendy--and it really was an amazing amount of work!! I continually marveled at the amazing amount of time you and the others must have put into it.

I will miss checking it two or three times a day to read the comments after the show airs, though truthfully perhaps that would not have happened because I, too, am no longer obsessed for the very reasons you mention. I will especially miss taking it off the home page of my iPhone, as it was a silent, happy reminder of a great show and fan community.

Lastly--and most of all--I agree completely with the others who have noted that because of you and your wonderful ethos, this blog was such a positive place and very unlike other blogs.


Knitting Girl said...

I do love this blog and im sorry to see it go. I would always wake up every morning and log on to see what you had posted. The Bones spoilers blog just doesn't have character. And i especially loved the King of the La trivia. I've checked every day this week to see when the next question would be posted (i wanted to be king of the lab on the week of the premiere).
I waited and waited... then i read this post. It was sort of depressing. But i understand your busy life and i support you.
Little did i know i would be the king of the lab for the season premiere and i would be the last weekly king of the lab.
This post reminds me of a certain quote that is at the top of your blog... " No. Things have to change." And they do have to change, and nothing will stop them. I will miss the excitement of your blog. And i will still check every day for posts..... Hint hint :))

Kate said...


"Hopeless vapors" is made up. "The vapors" is another way of describing "female hysteria." Think of women swooning onto couches in very old movies. It's just a joke about Fisher's morose attitude.

Laura K-K said...

Thanks, Wendy. I've enjoyed reading Obsessed With Bones for the last year and will really miss it! Good luck:)

Anonymous said...

Like many others, your announcement has come as a surprise to me. However, as a parent, I do understand your reasons. I stopped writing fanfiction when I had my son 6 years ago--they certainly change your priorities :)

And I must say that I agree with you regarding the show. I actually forgot to watch the season premiere, which would have been unheard of any other season. Not only am I tired of the will-they-won't-they, I really truly miss the science that was there in the first seasons.

Best of luck with everything, and I hope you find an equally obsessive substitute!


Anonymous said...

I understand you very well. I belong to a community of Bones in Spanish and many of its members begin to lose faith in the show, or rather in their writers. I fully understand your reasons for leaving the blog, but I will miss you very much, because your blog was the first I found when I searched Bones online and it has been my reference for all news about the show.

And I can only wish you the same that Booth wants for Brennan in "The Witch in the Wardrobe": Happiness, love, laughter, friendship, purpose ... and a dance. All with your family and friends.

Thanks for all.

Muse said...
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Anonymous said...

I keep coming back to this blog by accident. One of my instincts when bored on the computer is to come to OWB to read about my show.
However, its been feeling less and less like my show this year. The season finale left me uncomfortable and depressed, and the show really isn't what it used to be. It's trying too hard.
I really love what you wrote about your tension wire "snapping" because I hear you. Enough is enough.
Anyhow, I just want to say thank you for providing such a helpful and awesome site for those of us who are/were obsessed; and for putting into words the recent frustrations true fans are having with the show. I hope Hart somehow sees this...

Anonymous said...

Wow, that was depressing. :)

Starting off, thank you so much Wendy for running this site. There are so many others that just don't have the same feel, that don't block out spoilers or fight to keep the attitude positive no matter what the topic and it's really been a pleasure to have you as a webmistress because you've kept this such a positive, clean community of loyal viewers.

That being said, I really appreciated your "tension wire has snapped" line because I agree with you more than 100% (I'm sure the old Brennan would be arguing with me on that count). Enough is truly enough; the 100th episode was heartbreaking and amazingly well-written and directed but honestly, that discussion between B&B should have occurred about two seasons earlier.

Zach is gone. The "will they won't they" is now unrealistic and so tired as to be unexciting, and at this point it's sheer cowardice to not take a stab at writing a show with the two characters actually together and not see if it works. The only intern I'm interested in is Wendell and now after so many negative fan-reactions to Daisy they've *still* brought her back and are obviously shooting for a return to the revolving interns plotline. Brennan is nowhere near as geek-chic-fun as she used to be, and the only passion in the show comes from Jack and Angela (and to be fair, they aren't interesting enough to build an entire show around).

Thursday night, I watched "Bones" without the usual tingling sense of excitement. I hardly laughed once, I rolled my eyes at Booth's new girlfriend, I wasn't moved by Booth's discussion with his son, I was annoyed at Brennan, and the only two characters I was even excited about watching by the end of the episode were Cam and Caroline, because they were the only dynamic characters amongst a cast of statics that haven't changed in three years.

I love "Bones," but I'm not obsessed anymore. While I will genuinely miss this blog and the community, I can fully understand your reasoning and I hope that you realize that you've got a whole crowd of people who not only feel the way you do about the show but also are sending you nothing but support, gratitude, and well-wishes for your son, your work, and your family life. Enjoy your...retirement?

Once more, thank you.


Amy said...

I don't blame you, I've stopped watching as of this season. Good luck with everything!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your work and effort.
I also feel like you about bones. It has lost quite and I will watch it or not but I am not as excited as I used to be.

Life goes on and during all these years it has been wonderful having a place like the one you created.

Good night and good luck from Spain

Laura said...

Zach is gone & he's not coming back. I think it's about time to get over it.

It's annoying that people are giving up while we're only one or two episodes in, but whatever...their loss.

The air of entitlement around here is suffocating. Storyline not going the way people want? Let's throw a temper tantrum like a child.

Remember - it's not *your* show. It belongs to Hart Hanson and Company.

Kate said...

True, but why watch if you no longer enjoy it?

Wendy said...

We are entitled - to enjoying our TV time. Hence, the biggest reason I walked away. I'm pretty sure Hart Hanson doesn't care that my blog is shuttered and I've quit watching. I'm one fan amongst millions, but just because it's not my show doesn't mean I should sit down, shut up, and watch it anyway.

No where here have I stomped my foot and said he should give two shakes about my opinion re: Bones. This message, and the blog itself, were always for the fans and nothing more. I know the blog is/was on the radar of Fox as HH tweeted a link, Fox used it in a marketing video, and Barry Josephson even commented here. But I also know that in saying I am done with Bones means that I no longer have any value to them.

Do I want a reason to return to Bones? ABSOLUTELY!!! Do I think I'll see that reason any time soon? Probably not. And that makes me sad.

Anonymous said...

yeah, i got bored last season and still haven't seen the first episode of this season. at one point, i loved the blog. so thanks. it was fun while the show was obsession-producing

Mart said...

I just want to say thank you, for doing this site as long as it lasted. It was wonderful, and really fun and handy. So thankyou for that, and I'm sorry that the show doesn't interest you anymore as it did before. It is sad this is the end, but I understand your motivations;) So good luck with your little one, and hopefully you'll still watch bones, be it in a less obsessed way;)


Anonymous said...

wendy, thanks so much for your devoted work. i quit writing fanfics when i got married a few years ago (i was never brave enough to try booth and brennan), and i know how much time and energy you have devoted to the dear friends you've made here, and to the story you've enjoyed. it was always a hoot to come here and see what new, fun tidbit was made available for us. your efforts have gone neither unnoticed nor unenjoyed by us; rather, your work has been a delightful moment in my crazy day. i have a new little one too - so BY ALL MEANS, enjoy your beautiful blessing from God, take your time with him. and hopefully, in time, the return of some snappy, wonderful, geeky, hopeful bones action. it took something like ten years for mulder and scully and nearly as long for harm and mac to declare their love for good, so i have longsuffering hope for booth and brennan -- but i have stuff to do while their handlers contemplate WHEN, as do all of us. hoping, like you for a delightful resolution to this at times infectious storytelling journey. thanks for making it so enjoyable for us. i completely support your decision to take time for your young family.

thanks bunches!!!

Anonymous said...


This is the first and only blog I have ever followed. It was a favorite of mine I visited as I fell in love with this show as many others had. I as well have been visiting less, as I've "lost that lovin' feeling" while watching the story lines dive into the ocean. They have killed B/B. The sparkle can't re-sparkle after its been smashed and smashed then stomped on. It has just lost its spirit. Thank you for stopping the blog and standing up for what you believe in. Many other would tread water forever.


Madelyne said...

Wendy, I think you hit upon the one thing that the people that run Bones take for granted...the fans of Bones are loyal, but it is to the community that we have all created together. The show has become a side product of the relationships that people have made and that is often what is keeping the people willing to take whatever is through at them in this show and keep watching. You are a treasure and the fact that someone as intelligent and caring as yourself has moved on (in such a classy, way too) tells us all about the status of the show we were once so obsessed over. I completely understand your reasons and feel the same way. Bones is no longer the show that I loved. And in all things in live, when something starts to create stress of unhappiness in your life, you take stock of why it is has a place in your life. I believe that the people running Bones take for granted that the fans will put up with any storyline because we are either too stupid or too young to know we have a choice to walk away. For all those still enjoying the show, good luck and God speed. For all of those that will be moving over to Community or The Vampire Diaries, I'll save you a seat... you'll be appreciated there. Best, Madelyne

K said...

So many thoughtful responses here and, thankfully, so much gratitude for Wendy. I commented earlier, but just wanted to add my response to "The air of entitlement around here is suffocating. Storyline not going the way people want? Let's throw a temper tantrum like a child."

Maybe some are throwing tantrums, but I (like others, including Wendy!) am walking away gracefully. And I'm walking away not because I don't like the storylines -- I couldn't care less whether or not B&B get together now or later -- but because I find the writing boring, inconsistent, and uninspiring. The show used to make me respond with real emotion, now it doesn't; the characters I loved no longer exist.

I'm disappointed, sure, but from a place of love, not from a place of entitlement. HH & co can do what they want -- and I'll do what I want, which is to watch higher quality tv than Bones currently is.

Anonymous said...

Dear Wendy,

I want to thank you for your blog all these time. Couple years ago I stumbled upon the show season 1 rerun, ended up buying all the DVDs and watched them through within a week.

Somehow something changed, not that change isn't good or necessary, but the change seems to be coming from something else other than real creative and artistic work and writing. That's what's sad about it. It seemed that once HH went through the backstory about Brennan, the richness of characters started to be getting thinner or thinner. This instant feedback with technology can truly be a 2-edged sword. Much more focus seemed to be spent on tweeting and what fans are saying - the focus got narrow and narrower. If HH has a vision on how it will end, to me HH and team are kind lost on a detour, too distracted, ended up not focusing on truly growing the characters.

I am going to miss this place. I will miss your writing. But I will have to say, I only have been here once in a while in the last season. There isn't much to talk about, nothing quality anyway. I also felt sorry for great talents such as Emily, Michaela, Tamara, and TJ not be fully utilized.

I still do watch, as matter of fact, I came on tonight to post because I watched tonight. Because I want to leave a small light here - in this episode, after a long long time, finally there is some pulse - seeing Bones and what's going on within her ... I can't explain, I wonder if watched, if you'd see that too. Sigh ... no longer there is a place like this blog for me to find out "Hey, anyone see this? anyone feels this?"

so - for that, I am watching - this internal thing/struggle Bone is going through, alone. I am seeing that part of her when she was finding out about her mom and dad ... THAT is what I miss. May be there is a bit of ray of hope.

THANK YOU for such a classy site and thank those who are as classy as you are who have been part of this quality blog spot !!

PS - I surely hope you are archiving all the writings and postings !!

gabriel said...

Wendy, I totally agree with you. I am facing the same demands in my personal life and have also sort of stopped writing my own blog about Bones for the same reasons: I fell out of love with it after the season ender. I initially thought I would use the summer break for going back and re-watch the S5 episodes to understand what happened, but I could not take the pain to do that, and after seeing the new episodes in S6 I just no longer feel the urge to write anything about this show. It is a totally different show than the one I loved, and personally, I don't care what happens to the characters any more. I thought they would keep up some tension between Bones and Booth to keep us watching but it's totally missing. I will watch the show still but without any anticipation as to what it is about. I no longer spend time reading spoilers, background etc... I just want to say, you have great writing skills that you shouldn't neglect and wish you all the best in your job and blessings in your family life!!!

Anonymous said...

I gave the up after the Season 4 finale. Once Hart actually LIED to the fans, I knew the show was gone and that no matter what WE wanted, he wasn't planning to give it to us. So I cut my losses and moved on.

I appreciate the time you spent with your blog and the passion you had for the show. If only there was a way to make HH understand how many fans he's driven away.

Jo said...

I still come back sometimes in hopes that you restarted your blog...

Bones Addict, tried but stopped posting about three months ago.

Hope all is well,


Wendy said...

Hi Jo. Thanks for checking and I'm sorry to disappoint. I have started watching the season but I cannot say that I love it even still. I have enjoyed a couple of episodes but 1) still do not have the time and 2) feel that most of my blogging would be critical. I have enough to complain about in life with a stressful, time-consuming job and I just can't muster the desire to do it here even though I do feel balance of opinion is important.

All said, I think TWOP has the Bones criticism well covered, and I can just watch as I wish as a random, inconsequential viewer.

chris ludden said...

Now days I am hooked up with season 6 of Bones TV Show. I like this season. All episodes are interesting.

Pwee said...

Hey Wendy ...
Did you see the season's finale ? Or even the one before that? They were great !!! Hope you enjoyed them !
I just saw the finale myself, I cried and laughed and totally enjoyed myself !!! And now the looooooooong summer wait .... argh !
I remained spoiler free so that was cool and I mean to remain as spoiler free as possible for the coming season. Any hope to see you start the blog again?

Take care,
Frieda from France !

Mindy said...

Glad you liked the finale, Frieda! It was interesting to watch it completely spoiler-free, wasn't it? Hope you make it through the summer still avoiding spoilers. =)

Anonymous said...

Bones is my favorite tv show. I have seen full six season online. I like the end of this season very much.

amauryons said...

Season 6 of Bones TV Show has 23 episodes and all episodes you can watch through this source. Just click on the link.

Anonymous said...

Wait, 10th season! :D

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I still visited OWB almost every day. I do not plan to see this season, but I still opened the page to visit this community and read about what you all had to say.

Anonymous said...

I still absolutely love Bones and I can’t wait for tonight’s premiere to air! I won’t be able to watch it live because I’ll be working late at Dish, but I’ll definitely be able to watch it in the morning. Thankfully, my Hopper will record it with the PrimeTime Anytime feature, so I don’t have to worry about recording it alone and choosing it over any shows that start next week or later. I can’t wait to see how this whole thing turns out; this should be a fantastic season!

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