Monday, September 6, 2010

King of the Lab - Quote Trivia

I’m a fan of movies as well as Bones. An all time favorite is The Princess Bride. I was watching an episode of Bones recently that reminded me of a scene in The Princess Bride.

Here is the scene in The Princess Bride:
Miracle Max: Beat it or I’ll call the Brute Squad.
Fezzik: I’m on the Brute Squad.
Miracle Max: You *are* the Brute Squad.

What episode and scene of Bones was I watching?

Remember to leave your name if you want credit!


Knitting Girl said...

I think it's the scene in santa in the slush.

The one where Booth and Hodgens are behind the chinese resturaunt talking to the owner...

Hodgens: Booth. Hand me the container, i found a cockroach
Owner:Ok, Im calling the cops
Booth: Woah pal! I AM the cops. (Booths shows him his badge)

I don't know if im right or not, but it's a good guess

Mindy said...

Very good guess! King of the Lab, Knitting Girl!


Sahar said...

The way he says, "You ARE the Brute Squad" reminds me of when Booth says, "You ARE the standard." to Bones when she was comparing/contrasting each of their
"significant others" and she says that his date isn't as pretty as she is and then clarifies by saying, "assuming I'm the standard."

[Not the same emotion but the same verbal emphasis, lol]

Mindy said...

That's true, Sahar! Great movie, great TV show. =)

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