Friday, September 10, 2010

Spoiler clips and photos

All kinds of spoilers ahead!

Episode stills from episode 2, (Wendy edit - Picasa Album up)

David Boreanaz interviews on Fox & Friends and Regis & Kelly.

Promo #4 of The Mastodon in the Room.

Interview with Michaela Conlin on GMMR.

The cast of Bones hosts a preview for the Fox Fall Lineup.

Another sneak peek of an episode clip. This says it is from The Mastodon in the Room, but from all reports of those that pre-screened the premiere, this may be from episode 2, The Couple in the Cave.

Remember, all of these include spoilers, so keep comments about these clips and links confined to this post.


Anonymous said...

I have a blog named Booth and Brennan.
Please go there and comment =)

Booth and Brennan TEAM.

Anonymous said...

hahaha... "when I was a baby, I used to put on my own diapers." oh bones.

the last preview made me GRRRR... those lips should only be for bones! not some silly blondie. ARGHH.

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