Thursday, September 2, 2010

Spoilers: Booth & Brennan, Angela & Hodgins, Sweets & Daisy

If you're on the "relationships" end of why you watch Bones, you'll want to see what Auisello has to say about what's to come of them in Season 6. He answers 3 questions on Bones this week about what is ahead for Booth and Brennan, Angela and Hodgins, and Sweets and Daisy. It's Ausiello, so Spoiler Warning, of course.

Do you like what he has to say?


Elizabeth said...

"Do you like what he has to say?"
Yes, actually. It makes me hopeful for a great S6.

MEP said...

No, I dont like what he had to say. It just confirmed what I knew was going to happen at the end of last season. Booth was going to come back completely in love with someone else while Brennan would decide she is ready. That scenario is so old its sickeningly easy to predict. :/ Way to go.

This has honestly killed this show for me. I realize I might stand alone on this but that's ok. The reason I was drawn in was because of how much Booth cared for her and even when he tried to move on or date others it was still so apparent. I enjoyed watching him trying to show her in little ways how much he cared...hinting to it without saying it and Brennan was always so clueless/afraid. It was a lot of fun for me. I was hoping to see him finally break through her defenses and get her to realize her feelings. THAT would have been fun to watch. Not this soap opera nonsense.

The last thing I want to believe is that Booth could fall out of love with Brennan. It completely *kills* it for me. The brain scan in Season 5 ep 1 ALMOST killed the show for me but it was so ridiculous I just had to over look it which I'm glad I did because Booth totally just threw those results out the window in ep 100. But there's no turning back once he's given his heart to someone else. Its no longer fun for me. It COULD have been salvaged if he dumps her when Brennan finally decides she's ready but I know that wont happen. ::whistles:: ;)

So sadly, I wont be tuning in. Goodbye Bones! It was fun before you turned into a soap opera and became so predictable. :(

And thank you, I needed to vented. :cheers: Hope you guys enjoy Season 6 though ;)

Anonymous said...

MEP, I agree with you 110%. This is Hanson's only way to keep them apart. It might have worked in S4 and S5, but it is not going to work now. A lot of fans have really just given up. Every thing happens eventually is all bullcrap. I am beyond positive that after this Booth new love affair is over, Brennan will get a new lover. One think about Hanson although untruthful, he is transparent. I can read him like a book.

MEP said...

You are probably right about Brennan getting a new love interest. As I am sure Booth will be upset over Hannah for quite some time. GAG ME.

This has sadly killed all previous seasons for me too though. I hope in time I can believe season 1-5 Booth again but I think he's dead to me now :(

Anonymous said...

I personally think you are all quite wrong. considering that the majority of vewiews that watch BONES like it very much for the romance, then why the heck would they not let Booth and Bones be together. Obviously it is very much in thier best intrest to make money, and they do in fact make money off viewers, then it would be correct to assume that they want more viewers. and if more romance gets them more viewers and more money then i garentee they will make it happen. i swear it will happen eventually. for godness sakes people learn a little patience! you cant force love!

MEP said...

Anonymous you missed the point ;) It wasn't about them not getting together it was about how they're keeping them apart.

I understand that *some* people will enjoy next season's developments and thats OK. I get that. I really do. lol. My views are different but don't tell me they're wrong.

But for *me* how they are going about keeping them apart has killed the show. Its a total personal thing. And its not because I'm impatient. I know they'll be together probably the very last episode. That's fine. Or it would be if it hadn't been for what's going to happen when the show returns.

But between now and then don't hand me this cliched nonsense thats out of a soap opera. Bottom line, watching Booth fall out of love with Bones is not fun for me. It kinda cheapens the love in my eyes. And thats just the way *I* view it. I know others do not see it that way and I understand and respect that. No biggie.

Anonymous said...

The thing that is bothering me the most about this...well two things...first, Booth has spent YEARS trying to convince Brennan that love exists and can last forever. And in a matter of minutes gives up on the concept and moves on? If he had put it all on the line (actually said "I love you"), given her some time to think about it and process it, and she still said no...then I could could get behind the whole moving on thing and still see Booth as a man who believes in the forever kind of love. I am disappointed in him.

Second, based on the promos and "sneak peeks," I find the lack of chemistry VERY concerning. I can understand, apart for 7 months, no communication after being on rocky terms emotionally before leaving will make them awkward around each other for a while...I just am concerned when they tried to change the dynamic they really screwed it up. Hey Hart, ever heard if it ain't broke don't fix it!

GrainneMhaol said...

They *have* to, and I mean HAVE to, get rid of Daisy. Every time she comes on the screen I die a little inside. I don't think I have ever disliked a fictional character with such venom since... well, never.

As for B&B... they really have to end up together eventually. I don't think it would actually kill of the show, I think a relationship between those two would be tumultuous and interesting enough to keep viewers drawn in.

And Hodgela, well... is it ever plain sailing for them?!? X-D

ME{ said...

Is anyone here anymore? Lol. I bookmarked this thread just so I'd have an outlet. I decided to watch tonight's episode. And it was like the final nail in the coffin. My worst fears were spoken tonight... Booth said the words I knew were coming. Anyone else hate Booth right now? Anyone else hate they took this route? It literally killed what the show was about for me... I dont get why they had to go down this road. Why they had to go all soap opera. Why they even needed this age old "I'm ready, you're not, but dont worry we'll kill the girlfriend and eventually in the end we'll be happy" story line. It messes up with how SPECIAL their relationship use to be. Their relationship is no longer special!!! ::copies and pastes this everywhere:: uuuhg I need an outlet! LOL

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