Friday, January 1, 2010

The X in the File Promo

Here's a promo for the upcoming Bones return on January 14th: The X in the File.

January 7th Bones Tweetpeat - Twitter Live with the Cast and Crew

Next week, during the regular Bones timeslot, a rerun of "The Plain in the Prodigy" will air. Have your computer handy, however, because you will be able to Twitter live with the Bones cast and crew! Play nice and maybe you can encourage them to stick around!

Here are a couple of articles about their previous Tweetpeats with Glee and Fringe to give you and idea about how it will work.

Orlando Sun - shows examples of Twitter usernames Fox set up to follow for the other shows.

MediaPost - general article about Twitter and TV

Mediaite - strongly critical post about how it worked with Fringe

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