Thursday, January 7, 2010

More 100th Episode Information - Casting Confirmed

Stephen Nathan has confirmed to Ausiello a big casting return for the 100th episode of Bones.

For the non-spoiler crowd:

The 100th episode of Bones is currently scheduled to air

April 8th

More Bones Tweatpeat Info

Remember tonight, during the Bones rerun of "The Plain in the Prodigy", there will be a special Tweatpeat Twitter event with cast and crew of the show. Info has been scarce so far but you can read an explanation article here and tonight you can interact with them directly via Twitter. You will also be able to follow the conversation as a spectator through a special page which is supposed to be setup on the official Bones site.

Everything will happen at 8pm eastern. That's 5 hours behind England, for example, and 3 hours ahead of California. To figure out what time it will be for you, visit this converter page.

Some existing Bones-related Twitter users are listed on this blog.

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