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Bones Episode Review: 5.08: The Foot in the Foreclosure

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I was very excited to find out that Ralph Waite would be playing Booth's grandfather. If you watch NCIS, you saw him last season appear as Gibb's Dad. I'm too young to have been into the Walton's, but this introduction to the actor gave me a great impression and made me feel that we might have another Conman coming.

Oh, well.

It probably wasn't fair to come in with such expectations, but I will say that I was greatly disappointed to see the different direction they took with his introduction as a major part of Booth's life. As I re-watch this episode to write my review, I will try to keep a more open mind.

Grandfather - Hank - Pops

As I re-watch the episode, what stands out to me, more than anything, is the relationship between the Booth men. i can put aside the jokiness I don't favor, and instead focus on the deeper aspects. I love the little 'ah-ha' moments with Grandpa Booth. You see where the hand bump came from. You see where Booth got his sense of humor. And you see the deep, lasting connection, that goes back to the time when Booth really *was* a shrimp.

Tough guy, former MP - the man who made Booth who he is today, in more ways than one. Simple character inserts that speak volumes about Booth's history. It seems that Booth has emulated his grandfather in many ways. He *is* the tough man. He went into the military. He makes jokes like Hank. He passed on the family hand-bump to Parker. The list goes on and on. Hank rescued him and became the father-figure. The man to be.

Hank: Wow. You weren't kidding.

How much does Booth confide in Hank? He seems right on-point with both Brennan and Sweets!

Hank: You got room on my bicycle for my bag?

Hank: I'm fine Seeley. This cop just pinched me for nothing.

Something about Pops saying "pinched me" just cracked me up. Have you ever known an elderly person who spoke in a way that belied their years? The youthful aspect of his character, silliness aside, is one of my favorite aspects of Hank.

Hank: You ever need any privacy with the doctor, I'll make myself scarce.
Booth: Thanks, but there's nothing going on between us.
Hank: You gay?

Love the Max call-back.

Hank: She's a keeper. You should listen to me. I warned you about Rebecca being a waste of time, didn't I?
Booth: I can take care of my own love life.
Hank: I don't think so.

This little conversation seems to say that Booth and Hank are in frequent contact and that Hank is fairly involved in Booth's life. If he'd just met Rebecca for a one-off I don't think he'd have enough of an impression to say something like that. This episode opens up a large aspect of Booth by showing that he does, in fact, actually talk to people that don't work at The Jeffersonian.

I love greeter-grandfather.

Hank: My shift's not over.

Hank: I like her. She's real. She's got balls.... alright, you got a pair of steel ovaries.

Hank: There's nothing wrong with big women. Your grandma had some jam in her jelly.

Hank: You should go on a game show. You'd clean up.
Booth: I tell her that all the time! But, you know, she's already loaded.
Hank: She's got talent, charm, beauty, money, and you're just friends? I didn't raise you very well.

Hank: This gooey crap isn't easy for me.

The case - This never would have happened if I'd been here

How often does the killer make such a bald-faced truthful statement like that? I really connected with this man and his love for his wife. So many aspects of this episode were light (that real estate agent was a COLD one! - "My therapist says I'm afraid to feel") but the relationship with his dead wife was something indefilable by basic fetish-oriented sex. To him, that was sacred ground, in a bed built and hand-carved in love.

Side-note: I like that Bones doesn't fall into strict stereotypical relationships, a la the inter-racial couple looking at the home. They show a wide gamut of relationships. Race shouldn't matter, and they do a great job de-emphasizing it.

I love Booth schooling Brennan at the end of the intro by proclaiming it spontaneous combustion, a proclamation she can't contradict at this point.

Brennan: That's absurd
Booth: Well then what happened?
Brennan: I have no idea.
Booth: Exactly. Spontaneous combustion.

Club Giggle 'skeeved me out" too, but I love the song "Baby Got Back." I am a child of the 80's!

Booth: You stay close. I don't want you disappearing into one of those women.
Brennan: They seem quite happy. Obviously they haven't seen their blood sugar levels.

Woman: Hey baby. You're not with the celery stick, are you?


Hodgins: Showing a little interest in the personal lives of your co-workers?

He is, but not on the gossipy level they prefer. Clark is nothing if not utterly serious at work, as evidenced by his "Too often we don't appreciate the elderly until they are gone..." speech.

Clark: Yeah, I'm moved. I'm not.

If it weren't for his delivery and chemistry with the others, his bare words and attitude alone would be quite boring. But he always brings such nearly unflappable confidence that you can't help but smile at him and enjoy having him around.

Clark: So what does he call his grandfather? I call mine Gramps.

Clark: She had back. Sorry, don't know where that came from. (not *totally* serious)

Clark: Weird cake sex.


She rocks the tech, and answers a relational question for Brennan (more below). Not a lot new to say.

Hodgins: He kills them, sets the bed on fire, and then leaves with the busts of him and his wife.
Angela: That's so sweet. And it's horrible too. It's mainly horrible.


Hodgins announced to the room... Polyethelene Terephthalate

And he's disappointed, but resigned, when they don't get it. I hate (or maybe I don't) to beat a dead horse, but I miss Zack. Hodgins really, really needs someone to geek out with! He's just not appreciated. My husband and I were recently talking about how Hodgins is such an on or off character. Without Zack there, it is hard for him to be as rich of a background character. He either has to have a major story arc or he's just 'there'. He doesn't have as many great lines that make him a worthwhile character in an episode even when he's not had any character focus in months. Underused is an understatement! I want Hodgins to be the quirky, fun, always-there guy he used to be. He has his moments now, but he just doesn't feel like the homey-blanket-with-the-funky-colors-that-keeps-you-warm-but-you-don't-know-where-it-came-from anymore.


Grandpa's jokes - he gets no respect!

Feeder-Eater fetish... gives him a useful part in the case. Nice and subdued. He has a good level of involvement in this episode.

Sweets: How's it going with your grandfather?

He wants to be useful in all respects, as well as be a part of their lives in any way he can. The jokes may be unending, but they never real dampen his enthusiasm for all things Booth and Brennan (and Hodgins, and Angela, and so on...) Unannounced office visits are the only thing that gets a real rise out of him.

Sweets: Bring it on old man.


Some sheep herding, some funny looks with Hodgins over Clark... nothing much to say here!

With exception of her conversation with Clark. It only takes Cam a moment to really get to the heart of things with her team members.

Cam: Oh. And. I have to say... I was pleasantly surprised yesterday that you felt relaxed enough to talk about your grandfather.
Clark: I'm human you know. I just believe in working at work.
Cam: Oh, I realize that...
Clark: I love my grandfather very much. I really should have the discipline to keep it to myself.
Cam: Of course. And carry on.
Clark: He never got to see what I became. What I do... it's for him.
Cam: I'm sure he'd be very proud.

I'm surprised she didn't push him a little more about how it was OK, even good, for him to open up.

Booth and Brennan

Booth: If I tell you, you're just going to read into it and all sorts of stuff
Brennan: I won't

That's an intimate admission from a woman who has loved to pick apart Booth's life for years. She's being very supportive of him, and not quoting anything about age and anthropology or any way waiting to pounce. From Conman on I think she has truly understood the importance of family to Booth, and, though she still likes great big solid walls between herself and hers, I don't think she needed to hear again how much Booth values his.

Booth: He's family, Bones. Nothing trumps family. Just remember that.

Just like with Jared, Booth will put aside his own desires and needs to take care of Hank. Add Parker, and Brennan, to that list as well. Booth is a martyr for self-sacrifice for loved ones. Has he really thought through if he can handle Hank, no. Would he 'think it through'? No. Because it simply doesn't matter to him. Whatever it takes, he'll figure it out. He owes everything to Hank.

Booth: He took care of me when I was sick. I can take care of him.

Brennan and Sweets both attempt to give Booth pause about taking care of Hank, but none of it matters.

The only thing that gets past his loyalty is Pop's safety. The fire brings it all into perspective. But it takes Brennan to help him define the problem. Taking a leave of absence and hurting himself financially is not logical, but it's also not the right decision. She sees it before he does and understands the full implications - Pops can't stay.

Hank: Now I don't want you to think I don't love you (just as Booth thought Pops would think Booth didn't love him...), but I gotta go back to the place. They need me. Ronald called. He's got no one to fish with. And Margaret needs my help with the crochet (that's what we call sex). And, face it, your appliances stink.
Booth: What about the orderlies?
Hank: Don't worry about them. They are used to being hit by me.

Sweets: Shrimp?
Brennan: I imagine Booth was shorter as a child.

Brennan: His Grandfather calls him shrimp. Booth seems to like it, which I don't understand.
Angela: It makes him feel loved. Like when he actually was a shrimp.

Brennan first hated, then accepted, and now enjoys being "Bones". Will it take on a new meaning for her now? Or has it had such a meaning for a long time, even if she didn't consciously recognize it that way?

Hank: Will you lighten up?
Brennan: He's quite skittish when the subject of sex comes up.
Booth: No, I'm not. (Unless it's with Brennan. So, they're both right.)

Hank: When I saw my son, beating Seeley, hitting that little kid... I said Get Out. You don't deserve to be a father. Get out. He never came back. So, I was left with the 2 boys.
Brennan: You are a good man, Hank.
Hank: I didn't know what else to do. he was beating my grandson. Look, when the time is right, you'll tell him. And, if he needs it, you'll hold him? OK?
Brennan: OK.

THAT was the Conman-like moment I wanted. It's OK that it wasn't between Booth and Brennan. Someday, it will be. I doubt we'll see it, but have no doubt that between these two characters it will occur. Brennan keeps her promises, especially where he is concerned.

Brennan bonds with him quickly. Buying him a pillbox is logical for Brennan, but very thoughtful, from another perspective. I think she genuinely likes Hank, but the insights he provides into Booth are undeniably a major aspect of the bonding.

Booth: I thought you didn't like to go by your gut?
Brennan: I was just trying it out. It's not satisfying.

Brennan: He says "Shut up and don't be late"

The look on Booth's face is a mixture of bemusement, confusion, and even happiness that Brennan and Pops are talking to each other so comfortably and directly. Pops approves of this one, in every respect.

Brennan: He said he's going to teach me how to kick your ass.
Booth: That'll be the day.

Hank: Maybe you and your friend can give me a ride?

Brennan: I'll miss you Hank.
Hank: Of course you will. Shrimp, can you give us a minute?

Hank: You remember what I told you.
Brennan: I will
Hank: He's big and strong, but he's going to need some one. Everyone needs someone. Don't be scared
Brennan: Scared, what, I'm not scared of anything
Hank: It all goes by so fast. You don't want any regrets
Brennan: I don't understand
Hank: Yes, you do.

Hank (to Booth): Now, listen, it's all in there (the heart). Everything you need to know. You just do what it tells you.

They both lie to each other, just as they do about their feelings. I normally tire of everyone beating Booth and Brennan over the head with each other, but the ending of this episode was perfectly done.

Booth: I like that thing around your neck.

Flirting! I like flirting! Such a cute way to move them forward an inch.

Hart Hanson cleans up nice

Hart Hanson posted a picture, taken by a Fox photographer, of him taking a picture for Twitpic.

Sources: @harthanson, Twitpic

Location Scouting

Hart Hanson, David Boreanaz, and Ian Toynton take any opportunity to scout a location

DB, Ian Toynton, and I left the TCA breakfast to scout a loca... on Twitpic

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@harthanson - You didn't do @squarechicken justice!

Who takes better pictures, Stephen Nathan, or Hart Hanson? I think Hart Hanson came out better in his! :)

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Stephen Nathan on the way to the TCAs. He made us delicious e... on Twitpic

Blend TV - Best of 2009

Blend TV made a "Best of 2009" TV character list and Booth is in the mix:

Seeley Booth - Bones (Fox)

FBI Agent Seeley Booth is the epitome of “All American.” He’s a fan of arena rock, he’s athletic, he has an easy charm and confidence that is always apparent, and while he doesn’t fit in with the “squints” at the lab he is still able to integrate himself within their academic community. Just as capable of throwing a knife with deadly accuracy as he is unable to see his love for Dr. Brennan, Seeley Booth finally came into his own at the end of last season. When Booth was diagnosed with a brain tumor it became immediately apparent how much “Bones” cares for him as she worried so much about the guy, even if it was in her own way. During a post-op coma Booth fantasizes about a world in which he and Brennan are married with a baby on the way. Booth as a character would remain the clich├ęd “All American” on a lesser show, but season four of Bones made sure that fans knew this alpha male was actually quite at home working with the “squints.” And they respect and care for him in return.

@squarechicken - Nasty food and blurry pictures!

Stephen Nathan eats some seriously nasty looking food:

and he takes very blurry pictures of certain a certain show runner:

Hart Hanson should hire him as a personal photographer. He looks very young!

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