Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Contest: FBI Fanfiction (Prize!)

In honor of, well, at lot of things, including a long hiatus, I would like to announce Obsessed with Bones first official contest. There's even a real prize!

I was contacted and asked to review a book for you all. It is called "The Bricklayer", by Noah Boyd. It is written by an actual FBI agent. There's no compensation other than the book I received for the review, and 2 free books I can share with you all. I can't tell you much about it yet, because I only received it yesterday, but I can say that it gives you a lot of insight into the way the FBI handles operations - from casework, to surveillance, to field ops. I find that aspect extremely fascinating and, so far (at about 70 pages in) am definitely enjoying the read!

In the spirit of the FBI connection, I thought we could do a fun fan-fiction contest in order to give away the first of the books. (The other contest will require no writing skills, I promise!)

Here's the basic structure for the contest:

1) The theme is "An FBI day"
2) The only main cast character you can directly include is Booth. He can reference others, he can talk with them on the phone (though you should only get his side of the conversation), he can think about them, or whatever. But it should be 100% Booth-centric
3) It should be about Booth's workday away from 'his people'. Who does he interact with at the FBI? What's his day like? Who does he chat with? Does he work non-squint cases? (of course he should!) It could be a day in the office, he could be on a stake-out with someone else, he could be doing anything but it has to FBI related.
4) It should be family-friendly (G rated)

I feel that a fan-fiction contest is a great way to give away one of these books because having a book like this, written by an FBI Agent, is a great way to further inform your writing!

Please share this on other fan sights, via Twitter, with your friends, whatever! Sign up in comments if you'd like to participate. Feel free to email me if you need as well, but add a comment so your sign-up is noted. I can easily get 100-200 emails a day, not including work, and things can get lost or, at best, forgotten. (I'm sorry!)

If I forgot something or someone raises and important question, I will edit this post, so check back to it!

PS (And I'm sorry about this) The contest can only be open to US residents. Or rather, the prize can only be open to US residents. If you would like to enter anyway, just for bragging rights if you win, that is OK, but know that the book can only go to the person who wrote the highest-voted piece and lives in the US. You can't say 'give it to so and so'. I want to be completely fair. The reason for the restriction is simple: shipping costs. The publisher, who covers all costs for the giveaway, will only pay for US shipment. Sorry!

Sign-up deadline: Friday 2-19
Deadline for Emailing me your final Fanfic: Friday 2-26

I will post each one separately on 2-27 and then open it for one week of voting. I will do the 2nd contest at the time I open voting on the fan-fics. If the same person ends up winning both contests I will pick a runner-up from the 2nd contest.

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