Thursday, February 18, 2010

Booth's Cocky Belt Buckle

Fox just released a fun short video dedicated to THE Cocky Belt Buckle. Sharp eyes will also catch a quick glimpse of this lil ole blog as well! :)

If you can't see the Facebook video for any reason, you can also see the video here.

Stephen Nathan: Season 5 Spoilers

Zap2It talks to Stephen Nathan about the rest of Season 5 of Bones and some possible spoilers.

Edit: Took out the video embed because the boldly displayed title gives one away easily.You can see it on Youtube.

Round 2 of TV's Top Couples

Vote for Bones couples in Kristen's Couples Tournaments

1.8 - Angela/Hodgins
3.6 - Booth/Bones

Valentine's-Oriented Bones Scoop

Ausiello has 3 different Bones scoop items, all centered on the same romantic theme. They're all very open ended, though. Lots of spoiling and innuendo, but no real answers about what's ahead.

Thanks, Yvanne!

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