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TV's Craziest Fan Bases - Bones Fans Make the List

According to this article, Bones fans belong to the craziest fans in the TV world. Do you agree?

"It's difficult to say why, but some shows simply attract a different breed of supporters. Creepy, scary, insane supporters. And so we present TV's craziest fans, who've taken their love of TV to the next, sick level. Note: these do not represent the entire fan base for a particular show, just the extremes"

Insanity Level: 4 out of 10, uncomfortably eccentric

Part forensics drama, part forbidden-romance novel, Bones has attracted a fan base that places solving murders behind the "will they or won't they?" question. Bones fans aren't willing to wait until the show's producers come up with new storylines about Bones and Booth's love... so they write their own fan fiction. I know what you're thinking: "Big deal, everyone writes fan fiction." But do they also make Hollywood-style movie trailers for said fan fiction?

Said video "proof" can be found here.

Short new promo for "Death of the Queen Bee"

Here is a slightly different promo for tomorrow night's episode. No particular spoilers that weren't in the first one as well.

The 5 best Bones/Booth moments

of the previous 99 episodes.

I have to say, I pretty much agree with this list.
What are your top 5?

And we are still talking about "The Parts in the Sum of the Whole"...

The 100th episode of Bones created a lot of reaction from the media, and the articles just keep coming!
Here are a few more:

Eric Millegan on returning for the milestone episode and if Zack might be back (the article is spoiler-free but I expect some speculation/spoilers in the accompanying video)

Emily Deschanel discusses what went down in episode 100 (The article is spoiler-free up to the last paragraph where an upcoming guest star and its role on the show gets mentioned. The video seems to be a bit more spoilery, though.)

Here is an interesting non-spoiler bit of explanation from that interview:
In the clip below, we talk with Ms. Emily Deschanel about when she was told about what had gone down way back when and how she felt about the whole thing.

"I liked the idea. I really did. I thought that they should have some connection, whether they sleep together or they kiss," Deschanel says. "I felt like it made sense. Even though I hadn't thought of that before ... I hadn't been playing the seasons as if that had happened, so it took an adjustment [at first]."

And what does Deschanel think about Brennan then shooting Booth down?

"I think that she's incredibly scared and when she says, you know, she doesn't know how she'll feel in five or ten years, I think [what she means is] that she doesn't know how he'will feel in five or ten years. I mean, this is somebody who was abandoned by her family, the people who were closest to her, so of course she's going to protect herself. And, you know, having a friendship with somebody who she loves is better to her than having a romance that could very easily go south and he could be gone."

Makes sense, no?

David Boreanaz on Brennan giving Booth the big thumbs down (Spoilers for the rest of the season but nothing new for those who follow spoilers.)

TWOP is finally showing Bones some love (spoiler-free)

David Boreanaz makes no 'Bones' about directing (no spoilers in the article although I can't vouch for the embedded video of David and Jay Leno)

Edited to add:

David explains why directing can be a headache (no spoilers)

DB interview with Digital Spy (question about the season finale at the very end)

Premium Hollywood: Bones hits the 100-episode-mark (no spoilers)

EW Highlights of the week (no spoilers)

If you'd like to comment on the non-spoilery bits I suggest you post your comments in the episode discussion!

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