Sunday, April 25, 2010

Kathy Reichs talks about Filming Bones

One slight casting spoiler for another episode this season (so slight you might not consider it one at all) in this video where Kathy Reichs talks about filming Bones.

Thanks, Elizabeth, for the tip.

2 Years and Counting

Thank you, Emily. I can't believe I didn't notice! =)

Obsessed with Bones is 2 years old - today! Thank you for everyone who has been here for the long-haul, and those just showing up. I hope this great community of visitors and commenters never changes. We strive for a positive, deep look at this show we love!

2 years has meant...

  • Over 2100 posts
  • Almost 1.6 million visits
  • Over 2.6 million page loads
  • Over 5,000 comments
  • Countless great discussions
  • and a priceless community!
We have some bumps along the way, but we always come back stronger!

Thank you for all the great comments, support, and tips along the way. I've never been completely 'alone' in this blog and I appreciate all of you. You may have noticed that, just before this anniversary, Jeannie and Mindy starting making some posts as well. Life ebbs and flows but we intend to keep OWB the great place it has always been!

Booth and Brennan: Nothing happens unless first a dream

Many of you may have already seen this, since Hart Hanson tweeted about it. If not, enjoy!

Fox Video: Making of the Sinkhole

Fox has released a video explaining how the sinkhole from the episode "The Dwarf in the Dirt" was created.

Watch it here.

There is also a new video available for the Bones Blips series: What does Booth have on his desk? Find out here.

Contest Winners for "Reckless" By Andrew Gross

Time to close both song contests and announce the winners of the 2 copies of Reckless by Andrew Gross. (It's actually not on sale until Tuesday!)

Brennan Song Contest -

Comment #9 - Tia

Help Me Fall by Mark Wills begins like this:
I've been trying not to love you
I've been putting up a fight
I've been barely hanging on
Letting go with all my might
Booth and Brennan Song Contest -

Comment #29

I Will - Jimmy Wayne

Booth will do anything for Bones, it's that simple.
To claim your copy, you must email me at obsessedwithbones[at]gmail[dot].com with a US Address. If either of you is not a US resident please let me know as soon as possible and I will choose another winner (via the same random number generator).

I was actually given a copy of a previous book by Andrew Gross, Don't Look Twice, as well. It is based on the same main character: Ty Hauck. I'm in the middle of it now and I will say that it keeps the twists coming as quickly as every few pages. I am sure Reckless will do the same. I look forward to telling you guys about them soon. Maybe a we bit of something to take minds off all the B/B angst for a breather... =)

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