Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Episode description for The Boy with the Answer

The episode description is out for The Boy with the Answer.

Spoiler warning!! Consider comments on this post to be spoilers as well.

What do you hope to see in this episode?

TV Guide's Must-Watch Finales

TV Guide has a photo of what may or may not be the Bones finale! They have it listed as a Must-Watch season finale.

Spoiler warning for the caption in particular. You could consider the picture a spoiler if you didn't want to know that Booth and Brennan would be in the season finale...oh, man! Now I've ruined it.

New guesses on "old" spoiler news

The TV Addict is making some assumptions about an already revealed spoiler.

Do you agree with the assessment?

Spoiler warning!!!

Bones Season 5 Pre-Order

The pre-orders have begun for Bones Season 5. There's no release date, and even if there were it would likely change. But if you want to jump in line to make sure you have your copy reserved, Amazon can help you out!

Season finale will air on the same night in the USA and Canada

Global TV (Canada) is airing the season finale of Bones on Thurs May 20th - not on Wednesday as it usually does. Fox will also be airing the finale, The Beginning in the End, on Thursday May 20th!

Seems like a fair move for the fans but maybe it's got more to do with 'Survivor' being over by then.

4 Episode Clips for "The Rocker in the Rinse Cycle"

We are getting closer to this week's episode so Fox has put up 4 sneak peaks for us to pass the time.

Spoiler warning applies!

Edit: Please let me know if these videos don't work for you so we can find a link to a different place to view them. I'm in Europe and they work for me just fine, though.

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