Monday, May 3, 2010

Sad News, but straight from his own mouth...

I avoid gossip completely on this site, so things that came out months ago were never posted here, no matter how many times they were discussed or where. But when stars comment on their personal lives directly, it deserves to be mentioned here.

David Boreanaz admits his indiscretions

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Bones Deal for Today: Amazon

Amazon is currently running Bones season 1-4 as a set for $84.99. I don't know how long it will last but it currently beats the sum total of all 4 seasons individually on their site. Just a heads-up for those who may still need to buy those earlier seasons!

Quick spoiler

Here is another confirmation of a spoiler, though it is almost certainly an ANCIENT picture, and I think the title of this article may be misleading. But that is just my own personal speculation! Anyone else agree with me?

SPOILER WARNING! SPOILER WARNING! spoiler warning. spoiler warning...

Stephen Fry talks new series, 'Bones' and 'House'

The interview focuses mostly on his series 'Kingdom' that is being aired on Canadian TV. However, there are a few Bones mentions:

TVG: How do you feel about reinventing yourself for North American audiences? Most people here only know you from a handful of Bones episodes.

SF: It’s a very good point. It is interesting. One has gotten used to being part of the furniture in England, and to a lesser extent in Canada and Australia and other places that have a bigger link with Britain. So in America, they’re more likely to have known me from V for Vendetta or Bones or Gosford Park. It’s actually good. It means I’m less likely to be typecast. There are fewer assumptions. And I just love America. I enjoy being here. I like the people and the work ethic, the way television is done.
I’m doing something with HBO next year, which I can’t really talk about unfortunately, which will be a comedy idea. A comedy drama, half-hour, single-camera – that kind of drama. A sitcom that isn’t as studious as a multi-camera one.

The rest of that interview can be found here.

Fox inks overall pact with 'Bones' writer

Karyn Usher (who has written episodes like "The Dwarf in the Dirt" and "The Predator in the Pool") has signed a new deal with Fox but will remain co-exec producer for Bones.
Read the full story here.

King of the Lab Trivia

Happy Monday everyone,
here is this week's King of the Lab question for you.
The following quotes are taken from 3 different episodes, and the question is, whose words are these?

1. 'Kathy Reichs and the FBI guy in the back of the AMG?'
2. 'This is what happened when Rome fell.'
3. 'Because sometimes, if you win you end up with somebody else's pain and screwed up life."

In order to be credited please leave some sort of name or identification.

Good luck!

Positive Reactions to Bones

This article called "Positive Reactions to Bones" gives a list of reasons why the Fox show is so popular, for example:

"The show has been praised for many reasons. The first is that it depicts a strong female lead in a non-traditional role. Usually when women are shown as ’strong’, that means they are attractive, confident, and powerful all around. Bones is a more realistic view. She is pretty but not vain, awkward, geeky, and good at her job. Her character is a role model whose life style younger girls could actually healthily achieve."

However, I expect some statements might spark discussion, like this one:
"Another reason why Bones works so well is because any sexual tension or romantic interludes it has are pushed to the background. It is subtle and it keeps its priorities straight. A show like Gray’s Anatomy is far more about romance and relationships than about medicine. Bones does not go into the prime time soap opera territory. The job comes first."

In your opinion, why else is the show so popular?

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