Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Another Blind Item!

Spoiler warning!!

Ausiello shares another blind item. The last one did NOT pertain to Bones. Do you think this one will? Do you HOPE it will?

Finale stills and teasing

KorbiTV offers some speculation about each of the episode stills for our season finale.

Three pictures aren't enough? Well apparently the season finale is always pretty light on info. Since the spoilers are flying (some confirmed, some not), I suppose we'll take it.

Speaking of which: SPOILER WARNING on this link.

Michaela Conlin at the 2010 PRISM Awards

Michaela was photographed when she arrived at the PRISM Awards at the Beverly Hills Hotel on April 22. The PRISM Awards are awards to the entertainment industry for the accurate depiction of social issues.
Michaela is looking gorgeous as always!

Longer versions of Pause videos

Fox has posted some longer versions of their Pause Public Service Announcements. There is one video of Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz together and one video of John Francis Daley. They share some fun answers about life as a teen, difficult choices, and embarrassing stories. The link won't go straight to the video, so you'll have to click Watch & Listen at the top, then click They Paused just underneath the video that starts.

Did you notice a roundabout episode reference? King of the Post to whoever notices it first!

Behind- the-Scenes-Pictures from Various Episodes

Fox has put up a couple of Behind-the-Scenes pictures from the latest episodes. They can be found here.

'The Bones in the Booth', a graphic Bones novel

Hart Hanson and the official Fox site are highlighting this fan project, a graphic novel about Brennan and Booth. The things people will do for their favorite show... ;-)
Check it out here.

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