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Great article about Billy Gibbons

If you're like me, you maybe wonder how much enjoyment established stars get out of new ventures. Is it beneath them? Is it a fun change of pace? Were they pressured into it or did they jump at the opportunity?

This is a great article about Mr. Billy Gibbons and his role on Bones, how Michaela Conlin reacted to the news of casting Angela's father, and how Hart Hanson pulled it off in the first place. A short excerpt:

Conlin remembers her surprise when reading the script for the Christmas 2005 episode, which revealed that Angela had a famous dad.

"It kind of came from out of nowhere," she says. "But knowing Angela, it also made perfect sense. My dad is a big ZZ Top fan. So that was really cool to be able to call him and say, 'Hey, Billy Gibbons is playing my dad on the show. So in a way, he's playing you.'." (

Minor spoilers about when you'll see him again.

Hart Hanson's Pilot Doesn't Get Picked Up

No more double duty for Hart Hanson. A while back, Wendy reported that he was working on another project: Hart Hanson gets a second gig.

But then he tweeted this yesterday:

Hey, thanks for asking, since most of you are BONES fans, but "Pleading Guilty" did not get a series pick-up. TV is a tough game, baby!

So, are you sorry for him or happy for Bones?

Bones Ratings: The Boy with the Answer

Bones still gets big jumps in the 2nd half hour, starts mid 8m with a 2.4 18-49 rating (the key advertising demo). The Boy with the Answer held steady. Think we'll see a big jump next week?

Source: TVbytheNumbers

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating 18-49 Share Viewers Live+SD (Millions)

8:00 CBS Survivor: Heroes v. Villians 3.7 12 12.485

FOX Bones 2.4 8 8.682

NBC Community 1.9 6 4.391

CW The Vampire Diaries (finale) 1.6 6 3.431

ABC FlashForward 1.3 4 5.056

8:30 CBS Survivor: Heroes v. Villians 4.1 12 13.451

FOX Bones 2.7 8 9.426

NBC Parks & Recreation 2.0 6 4.257

CW The Vampire Diaries (finale) 1.7 5 3.537

ABC FlashForward 1.2 4 4.624

More spoilers for the finale

Personally, I would agree that last night's case could be considered "bigger than a root canal." So what does that make the episode to come? Check here to see what TV Fanatic has to say about what is ahead.

David Boreanaz on 'Late Night with Jimmy Fallon'

David Boreanaz is set to appear on 'Late Night with Jimmy Fallon' next Monday, May 17th. I'm sure there will be lots of talk about the finale and the upcoming season!

Thanks, Lauryn, for the tip!

Season finale prep: Five episodes to rewatch first

Ever since "Bones" creator Hart Hanson tweeted that the fifth season finale would be called "The Beginning in the End," fans have speculated about what the cryptic title means.

The obvious connection is to the fourth season alternate universe finale -- which was titled "The End in the Beginning" -- and while there are some tie-ins between the two hours, they're more like subtle nods.

That being said, Korbi TV has compiled a list of five episodes you should be familiar with in preparation for next week's season ender.

While we can't tell you why they relate to the upcoming finale, we can tell you what the original FOX press releases said about the individual episodes. We can also maybe say whether the press release mentions the reason(s) you should be rewatching them.

So, without further ado...

1. "Pilot"
2. "The Soldier on the Grave"
3. "The Boneless Bride in the River"
4. "The Passenger in the Oven"
5. "The Parts in the Sum of the Whole"

(Please go to the original article for the respective press releases. I didn't want to push the episode discussion for "Boy with the Answer" too much by making a really long post.)

Hm, that seems like a really odd list but I do have an idea what the common factor is in all of them. What do you guys think?

Spoilers and speculations ahead!

Reviews for "The Boy with the Answer"

Here you can find reviews for that episode as they come out so this post will get updated frequently. Come back to check what other viewers thought about "The Boy with the Answer".

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