Sunday, May 16, 2010

Reviews of RECKLESS, by Andrew Gross

A few statements come to mind when I think back over what I've read from Andrew Gross...

It's never just 'a murder' .

No one is safe.

Thing Big. Bigger.

I have to admit that his name had never made an impression on me before. He's written best-sellers, many of them, some with James Patterson. He's not new.

RECKLESS centers around his character, Ty Hauck. Ty is a 'top cop', at least he was. Now he works for a high-powered security firm deeply involved in important companies, industries, and Federal Government. His position gives him access, causes him headaches, makes him question his own moral fiber, but it doesn't quite satisfy that familiar itch for the action, the chase, the puzzle, that his former line of work provided. The new car and the salary are nice, but there's something missing.

In this novel, a former friend is killed and Ty is once again pulled into a mystery. It's not just about her murder though; it's much bigger, no matter how horrible the crime may be in itself. But it will take him much further than he expects, and he will have few friends along the way.

His books don't necessarily tie in to Bones and the FBI as The Bricklayer did, but I would highly recommend them. The pace is page-turning, the twists are sharp and often unexpected, and the story, in the end, is much more complex and well thought-out than you can predict. If you like suspense, mystery, and danger that also makes you think about how the world around you really works, you will like Andrew Gross and RECKLESS.

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Once again, I received no compensation for reviewing this book other than my review copy and the two I was able to offer to you all via the contests in April.

Happy Birthday to David Boreanaz

David Boreanaz turns 41 today. Here's hoping for a very positive, happy year ahead!

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