Tuesday, May 18, 2010

David Boreanaz on 'Late Night with Jimmy Fallon'

Here is a video of David's interview with Jimmy Fallon last night.
I *heard* that there is talk about the finale, including some spoilers, so I didn't watch it. Other than that, it's supposed to be good, lighthearted talk.

Spoiler alert for the comments for this post as well!

Edit: The Youtube upload as been pulled, but you can view the video on the Jimmy Fallon show website.

First look at the Upfronts

It's Upfront week in New York! Here is a glimpse of our stars from the Fox Upfront After Party.
How do you like Emily's new look?

I expect more info and interviews to come out today. So far, we only know that Bones will stay in its timeslot for the new season.

(Credit for the picture goes to Emily-Deschanel.org)

Edit: E!Online has managed to gather some info from Emily:

Reggie in New York: How about some Bones scoop!? Did you run into the gorgeous Emily Deschanel?
I did just hours ago, my friend! And you'll be happy to know that she's looking fabulous in a short new hairdo (lighter, too) and if I get five seconds of free time here maybe we can even find a photo for you. (She said she'll keep the look for Bones.) Anyhoo, I asked if she knows if Booth and Brennan will ever, you know, have a serious relationship, and Emily told me: "[Spoiler] I am a producer, so I do have some say." (David Boreanaz showed up at the Fox presentation but did not do interviews with the press, to the shock of, well, no one.)

Quick addendum: I hid part of Emily's answer as a spoiler because it seems to hint at the 'outcome' of the finale. However, this might very well be a calculated move to stir interest in that episode, and it's working just fine! One of Emily's comments seems to have caused a giant uproar in the Twitter-verse, and HH had a tough time fighting off the worked-up crowd ;-).

Here are the bits I'm talking about:

Emily: [about whether BB should be together, spoilery parts omitted] "Funny enough, when we did Comic-Con the last time, the crowd cheered more loudly for them not to get together, so we'll see."

Hart's reply: "@seriously_what Now where did this crazy idea that we are making decisions based on applause come from? That's sheer lunacy!"

And after someone obviously explained the origin of that worry:

@sirenizzed Oh, I see. Thanks. Well, that was an interesting moment at ComicCon and gave us a good laugh but isn't a major guideline.
@Poetic_line Our guideline? The Bones family, the network, the studio, the stars, the fans, the internet, testing - and my own instincts.

'Bones' star Michaela Conlin on her on-screen relationship: "I have faith in them"

EW did a really good interview with Michaela in New York last week where she seems to be spending the hiatus.
Most of the interview focuses on the relationship between Hodgins and Angela but the finale comes up frequently so I'm only going to post a few non-spoilery bits. You can read the full article here.

Did you like the [wedding]ceremony? Did you think it matched who they are as a couple?
Yea. That’s a good question. I hadn’t thought about that, but yea I do. I think underneath all the ex-husbands, ex-girlfriends, engagements, separations, they really just like being around each other and really get each other. I think that was enough for her.

Did you feel cheated at all because you didn’t get to wear a big wedding dress again?
No, I didn’t. Actually, I’m glad we did that because I already did that. She already walked down the aisle at the end of season 2. I was glad that we didn’t try to top that and make it something else. I was glad they did it the way that they did.

So what can we expect from them now?
I don’t think it will be too typical with them. I know that. I think it will be a challenge, definitely, but also happy…hopefully. [Laughs] But I do think it’s going to have its ups and downs. I know she loves him, but I don’t know. We’ll see how they fare. I have faith in them. I think they’re going to do fine.

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