Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Clips and clues together

We've been given another mash-up of the sneak peek clips and spoiler info for the finale.

How many of you noticed the "nod" she speaks of before she mentioned it? After all, we are OBSESSED WITH BONES, so we notice these things!

Spoiler Warning!!

Which TV show's fans get to claim the actor: Joss Whedon edition

Jennifer Thomas of Pioneer Local is spending finale week musing over her favorite Whedon characters:

As all the news is starting to come about fall TV schedules and new shows and who's acting in what, I started thinking about how some of the actors have played at least two memorable TV characters on different shows and which character they really are associated with. It's obviously a good thing for actors to be able to reinvent themselves (and a sign they're a good actor if they can) and build an entire new fanbase. But it's sort of like the question baseball players face if they get inducted into the Hall of Fame -- what team hat do they go in wearing? The team they played with the longest, the one they had the best career with or the one with the strongest fans? So, in honor of Joss Whedon directing tonight's episode of "Glee," "Dream On," this is an all-Whedon alum version deciding which TV show's fans get to claim an actor as their own. For example, should David Boreanaz be known as Angel on "Buffy" and "Angel" or is he Seeley Booth on "Bones"? I didn't include every Whedon alum who has had more than one memorable TV role, and didn't include every role for the ones mentioned, but I picked roles based on longevity and impact.

David Boreanaz -- Angel on "Buffy" and "Angel" or Seeley Booth on "Bones"

The verdict: Boreanaz has spent slightly more time as Angel/Angelus than Seeley Booth, but this one's a toss up. While there are certainly some cross-over fans between the shows, these are very different animals, and very different characters. Seeley Booth is actually a closer (though much less evil) version of the sarcastic Angelus than Angel, but Booth and Angel are flip sides of the coin. Angel was dark, broody and gorgeous and Booth is light-hearted, playful and gorgeous. Fans on both sides can claim Boreanaz. Although he'll always be Angel to me.

What about the other characters? Do you agree with her assessment?

Gravedigger Review and spoilers

After last week's episode, there has been a lot of speculation about Ms. Taffett's comment, "This isn't over." Was it just a way of "saving face?" Was it a real threat? What could she possibly be thinking?

Buddy TV went straight to the source to find out if it meant anything. If you are interested only in a review of the episode, feel free to read the first half of the article. She gives fair forewarning of when you should stop reading if you want to avoid any spoilers.

Thoughts? Interpretations? Do you like it? Do you hate it?

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