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Season finale fallout: 'Bones' fans, have a little faith

Zap2It has posted an appeal to fans to stick with their show, even if they are unhappy with the season finale. The article actually addresses the shows 'Bones', 'Castle', 'House' and 'Grey's Anatomy' but I'm just going to highlight the parts about 'Bones'. The original article can be found here.

It's that time of year again.
The sun is shining, the summer is upon us ... and TV fans are freaking out.
Ah, yes, the season finale. The episodes where a series attempts to go out with a bang, hoping you'll spend the summer months counting the hours until it returns.
"Grey's Anatomy" shot half its cast. "House" finally went there with House and Cuddy. "Brothers & Sisters" left several characters' lives in the balance.
But the finales that arguably got the most passionate reactions? "Castle" and "Bones" -- and it's no coincidence that both shows had their core couple take a significant step back.
On "Bones," fans were crushed when Booth and Brennan decided to leave each other -- her to a dig in Indonesia, him back to the Army -- for a year.
The result? Some viewers are threatening to jump ship.
And while we're not going to tell you what to do, we do have one favor to ask: have some faith in your shows.
Yes, we know that might seem like a lot to ask right now. You're feeling a bit burned. We get that. And you're absolutely entitled to your feelings, we're not saying you're wrong. We too had our own words for "Castle" and "Bones."
But that is, most likely, exactly what the shows set out to do: get a reaction and have us talking. How much worse would it be if these finales brought about silence and no one cared enough to get upset?
Let's think about this.
Booth and Brennan are apart from each other for the next year, but is this really a bad thing? After Booth attempted to take their relationship to the next level in the 100th episode -- and was promptly shot down -- they've been different. They've been struggling to figure out how they fit in each others' lives now that his feelings are out in the open. This year apart could be exactly what the duo needs in order to realize what they want out of their relationship.
For fans of the couples, frustration is understandable. But giving up on a show because you're unhappy with the season finale is like quitting a book in the middle of the story. True, it's the end of the season, but very often it's just the starting point for a whole new tale.
Sure, these summer months will very likely be torture for you. But, see, that just means you're invested. And that's a good thing. That means the writers are doing their job.
So at least wait until the season premieres roll around before you decide to cut these shows off. Because there's likely to be some payoff for the finales. Payoff that you may perhaps be happy with.

Reviews for "The Beginning in the End"

This is the place for all reviews about the season finale we saw last Thursday.
Since all of us are currently really busy, we'd be grateful for a little help. If you found a review that you'd like to share, please post the link in the comments so that we can update this post regularly.
Thank you!

(Fox has also put together a little photo album for Booth and Brennan called "Will they or won't they? Check it out here.)

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