Thursday, June 3, 2010

Emily Deschanel's "answers"

Here's a link to a short interview and video with Emily Deschanel. Technically, it would be considered a spoiler for a possible future guest star, but her answers are so vague, I hesitate to label it as such. We love those tricky Hollywood types! You've been forewarned; proceed at your own risk.

Guest Star Spoilers

In deference to those that prefer to remain Spoiler Free, I try to be as vague as possible in any spoiler posts. Remember to keep your spoilery comments confined to spoiler posts as well. Thanks! Since spoilers may be picking up again soon, this seemed like a good time for a reminder.

For those wondering about any aftermath following the season 5 finale, here is some confirmation about what we'll see in season 6. If you REALLY don't want to know, don't even look at the title of the article.

Are you comforted or annoyed?

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