Friday, June 4, 2010

The End in the Beginning vs. The Beginning in the End

KorbiTV has joined what fans have been doing for weeks: head-to-head competition between last year's and this year's season finales, which one wins?

Our pick: "The Beginning in the End." Yes, we realize that's probably not the most popular choice, but before you yell at us in the comments section, hear us out, okay?

"The End in the Beginning" had a purpose. We get that. Not only did fans get to see most of their favorites together in one place, but the writers and actors got to play with their characters in a way that would otherwise be impossible. The AU personalities all bared similarities to their real life counterparts, but they were different enough to be convincing as new characters. And we did get to see some of those AU traits/factors cross over to "Bones"' "real" world this season.

However, in terms of actual consequences, the only ones who really felt the impact of the 2009 season finale were Booth and Brennan. They were the ones who shared the experience of the dream/book. But things like the quip about Zack being stupid enough to go to prison for a murder he didn't commit or Jared's feelings for Brennan were never brought up again. Even the AU pregnancy revelation was just barely touched upon in the season premiere and then dropped. [Editing out the spoilery bits]

With "The Beginning in the End," everyone was impacted. Everyone. Hodgins and Angela are leaving their jobs for a year. Daisy and Sweets split up. Booth is going to a war zone. He and Brennan are leaving each other! Cam has been abandoned by her team. Every single character will come back different. It's scary, but it's true. Might not be huge shifts, but they'll have a year of independence, so there are bound to be changes.

While "TEitB" had its fun moments, we're still not sure if it was "finale" worthy. With the extreme changes in "TBitE," it is definitively a finale. No doubt.

Read the whole article here. Be forewarned, there is a spoiler near the end of the article (noted by brackets above) about possible storylines for next season. Personally, I wonder if it's too early to state it as such a sure thing, but we'll see!

Do you agree with the assessment of the better finale? It sounds like Hart Hanson was surprised by the verdict!

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