Thursday, June 10, 2010

Best Drama Lead Actresses

Emily Deschanel made it to Buddy TV's list of Best Drama Lead Actresses!

The latest season saw Deschanel’s super-rational character get more emotionally connected to others, much to Brennan’s dismay and our delight, because it gave her the chance to grow as an actress and a character.

She may have come in at #15 for them, but she's always #1 for Hart Hanson!

Bones will be at Comic-Con!

It's this time of the year again!

20th Century Fox TV will schedule panel discussions for its animated shows on the Fox network, including Family Guy, the Simpsons, The Cleveland Show, American Dad, and Futurama. The network’s freshman hit Glee will have a presence at the convention, as will Bones (Fox), and the FX shows It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and Sons of Anarchy. The studio plans to introduce Terra Nova, Steven Spielberg’s big-budget prehistoric drama for Fox, as well as the new animated shows Bob’s Burgers (Fox), Neighbors From Hell (TBS), and Archer (FX).

Does anybody here get to go?

Who is the sexiest vegetarian celebrity of 2010? Vote for Emily!

PETA is accepting votes for the title "Sexiest Vegetarian Celebrity of 2010" now. Go here to see their list of candidates.

Fads are a dime a dozen among red-carpet regulars, but there's one Tinseltown trend that won't be fading away any time soon: going vegetarian! More and more sexy stars are choosing a plant-based diet. Whether it's to improve their health, to preserve the environment, or to help stop cruelty to animals on factory farms and in slaughterhouses, these Hollywood hotties prove that going veg has never looked so good.

Country-music crooner Kellie Pickler and actor Milo Ventimiglia took top honors last year. Other previous winners include Carrie Underwood, Tobey Maguire, Kristen Bell, Anthony Kiedis, Alicia Silverstone, and Natalie Portman. Who do you want to see capture the crown in 2010? Check out the list below, cast your vote today to help us decide, and stay tuned for the winners!

The Beginning of the End for Bones?

Here is an interesting article we found today.

Over Christmas, I wrote an article addressing the potential relationship between Booth and Bones, defending the position that getting them together would ruin the show. It turned out to be an unpopular opinion, and the comments almost made me reconsider.
I’m going to make my statement.
If Bones wants to be remembered as a great show, one with interesting characters, super dynamic, and engaging stories, this needs to be its final season.
They’ve exhausted the periphery characters. Angela and Hodgins have settled. Sweets is content and people have accepted him on the show. Cam has her daughter and is easing into being a mother. The final piece of the puzzle is resolving the tension between the main characters. Can they draw it out over more than one season? Not if they want people to keep watching.
I predict the ratings will drop drastically when the show returns in the fall. There is nothing left to hold people’s interest, and the finale left no burning questions or cliffhanger, or anything that makes me anxious to tune in.
I will, out of loyalty and plain curiosity. I want the writers to return to their former, stellar form. I don’t believe it will happen, and the show will end after the upcoming season.
I hope I’m wrong. I really do.

So, do you agree?

Today's Chatter Post - June 10th, 2010

Remember, only 2 rules

  • Keep it clean
  • No spoilers

So - today's question is:

What's most interesting scientific fact you've learned from the show?

Hey, after all, we are all watching this show for educational reasons, right? :-)

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