Friday, June 25, 2010

Hopes for Wendell

Michael Grant Terry, on his hopes for Wendell in Season 6 of Bones. No spoilers really because it's all just his conjecture and what he would like to see.

Another case fit for Brennan...

The body was found in a small, graffiti-stained tunnel. Robbery was likely not the motive, as his possessions and cash were found with him.

The University of Alberta's Sandra Garvie-Lok can't tell exactly how the victim on her table died, but she has a good idea. Given the visible previous cranial trauma on the body, the events that took place around the time of the murder and the location where his remains were found, she is willing to bet that this John Doe was murdered. Yet, no suspect will ever be tried or convicted for the crime. And she's OK with that.


Today's Chatter Post - June 25th, 2010

Remember, only 2 rules

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Back on topic today. :-)

Which Bones moment brought tears to your eyes?

Let's include all 5 seasons in this one!

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