Thursday, August 5, 2010

Will They or Won't They? according to FOX

FOX has put out a gallery of Booth and Brennan photos that claims to give evidence supporting the likelihood of a big romance.

We've all wondered if the obvious romantic spark between Booth and Brennan would ever burst into a full romantic blaze. Check out the following evidence that suggests that it could.
We at Obsessed With Bones want to know how many mistakes you can find in this photo gallery. Have fun!

TV Guide Magazine's photo booth at TCA

TV Guide Magazine had a photo booth at the Television Critics Association party a couple days ago. It looks like David Boreanaz may be the only Bones star that got in on the action.

Behind the Scenes - Set photos

Wouldn't you just love to take a good look around the whole Royal Diner? Brennan's Office? Booth's Office? Be honest: you want to lay on an exam table on the platform just like Zack did in The Widow's Son in the Windshield, don't you!?

Photo courtesy of Josh Levy's (amazing assistant to Hart Hanson) twitpic. I guess he's picking up some extra money working in the Royal Diner.

Any new spoilers?

Spoiler lovers are looking for something new. Does Ausiello have it for us? He attempts to answer three fan questions here regarding Dr. and Mrs. Hodgins, new villains, and characters for the season.

In his non-spoiler information: In related news, sources confirm to me exclusively that Hart Hanson is legally changing his name to Teasy McTeaserson.
...followed quickly by: This Just In: Hart Hanson is changing his name yet again. He will now be known as Cryptic McCrypticson.

Couples who should break up

Buddy TV just isn't feeling the love right now. They've made a list of the top 10 TV couples who should break up. Where does Bones make the list?

#1 Booth and Any Woman Other Than Brennan, Bones

The fans who want Booth and Brennan together are more rabid than anyone, so any woman Booth dates is guaranteed to be the most hated lady on TV. Until Brennan comes around, Booth should just stay off the market.
Does anyone agree?

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