Thursday, September 2, 2010

Brennan's Jewelry

Brennan's jewelry is often a popular topic for discussion. In preparation of Season 6, FOX has produced a featurette highlighting it. Give Me My Remote was given an exclusive first look. Head on over to GMMR to read about it and watch the short video.

Spoilers: Booth & Brennan, Angela & Hodgins, Sweets & Daisy

If you're on the "relationships" end of why you watch Bones, you'll want to see what Auisello has to say about what's to come of them in Season 6. He answers 3 questions on Bones this week about what is ahead for Booth and Brennan, Angela and Hodgins, and Sweets and Daisy. It's Ausiello, so Spoiler Warning, of course.

Do you like what he has to say?

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