Thursday, September 23, 2010

Happy Season 6 Bonesday! (a first, and a last)

Bones Season 6 returns tonight! I hope everyone enjoys it, and Season 6 becomes a fan favorite.

Unfortunately, the beginning of the new season also marks the end of OWB.

It's been a great 2+ years and I have made some amazing friends (Jeannie, Jamie, Lindsey, Mindy...just to name a few) but it is over for me. And for OWB.

A lot has changed over the last two years in the Bones fan community, and some things haven't changed. 206 Bones still goes strong, and the Bones Spoilers Blog is a Season 5 newcomer powerhouse. The ABY is still there, as is Searching Bones. Some things change, and some things come anew.

And some must go.

For those who don't care about the motivations I will lay out the gist now so you can stop reading: there will be no more posts here, though the archive of posts and reviews will remain indefinitely, and commenting will remain open for the time being.

For the motivations....

Some of it's been building for awhile - life is incredibly busy. I have a 16 mo old little boy who I love and want to spend time with. I have a husband of almost 5 years who I love and want to spend time with. I have a job that is fulfilling in many ways but it is incredibly demanding (some days I work from 5 am to 9+pm with only short family/food breaks). I don't have a social life and I struggle to keep up with email.

There's just not time for OWB. It was my baby for nearly 2 years, and I supported it in the background for the last few months.

My helpers have their own varyingly busy lives as well and the time is right to just call it done.

Remembering the passion I had for Bones when I started this show, I can say that if I still had the same love for it I would find a way to keep OWB going. But I don't have that passion any longer. Hart Hanson has spoken of keeping the tension tight for fans, that it is the only reason we watch.

My tension wire snapped last season and I don't care to put it back together.

I'm tired of the direction of the show. I'm tired of the argument that you have to keep throwing up roadblocks to keep fans interested. (I can think of 2 other shows in my own favorites currently laughing at that argument.) I'm tired of the rotating interns and miss Zack. I'm tired of so many things. It's just not the show I fell in love with. I feel like it's trying to become a smarter, more grown-up show (read: typical) instead of the lovable geekfest it was before.

I simply stopped looking forward to the show and at best it's become DVR'able. I can no longer call it life-stoppable.

I can't head a blog that is devoted to obsessing about Bones when I no longer have the obsession.

I could go on and on and on and on and on. But that's not why you visit this blog and I have a lovely little boy who wants his breakfast. I'm not here to say "Bones is awful, boycott it" or anything of the sort. It's not awful, but I just don't find it great anymore and I'm going to step away.

If you still love it, then LOVE IT! I totally support all passion for the show and would never want to get in the way of that in any way.

I have really enjoyed the community that built up around this blog - seeing regular posters, getting email tips, seeing fan blogs pop up in other languages... it's been wonderful and I hope that continues to grow.

I also have hopes for the future, that in a few weeks or a few months that I will fall back in love with the show. I hope it will be great again for me and for anyone out there who feels the same.

Enjoy Bones Season 6!

And 7, 8, 9, and 10 as well, right? :)

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